How do I restart my dream league soccer game?

If you wish to restart your career in the game, you will need to use the “Reset Profile” button (refresh symbol) provided. The “Reset Profile” button is located under “Settings” (gear icon in the top left area) > “Advanced” and it is the last little button showing two arrows.

How do I delete data from my DLS 2020?

Clear your browser cache.

Delete Play Games data for a specific game
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Games app .
  2. At the top of the screen, tap More. Settings.
  3. Tap Delete Play Games account & data.
  4. Under « Delete individual game data, » find the game data you want to remove and tap Delete.

How do I recover my old dream league soccer account?

Dream League Soccer offers a back up through google account. Once you start the game, it offers a sign in page. Apart from this, you can manually back up the files from Android->data->com. firsttouchgames.

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How do I reset my dream League Soccer 2021?

Does DLS 2021 use data?

Dream League Soccer 2021 APK or DLS 21, egame developed by First Touch Games (FTG), is a soccer game for soccer lovers, fun lovers and of course game lovers.

Download DLS 2021 APK + OBB Data for Android.
File namesDLS 21.apk / DATA NORMAL DLS / OBB DLS
Game version7.10
Apr 19, 2021

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