What are the antonyms of avail?

antonyms for avail
  • dissatisfy.
  • fail.
  • miss.
  • take.

What is the opposite of to no avail?

effective. effectual. fruitful. productive.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What are the antonyms of antonyms?

Even antonym has an antonym! The opposite of antonym is synonym, which is a word that has the same meaning as another word. For example, a synonym of the word fast would be quick—both describe something that moves with speed.

What is another word for to no avail?

Similar words for to no avail:

fruitless (adjective) futile (adjective) other relevant words (adjective) unavailing (adjective)

What means without avail?

Definition of to no avail

: without success They tried to discuss the issue calmly, but to no avail.

Is availment a real word?

Noun. (obsolete) Profit; advantage.

What is another word for no response?

Unresponsive means not reacting or responding to communication or something that usually calls for a reaction or a reply.

How do you use avail in a sentence?

: to be of use or advantage : serve Our best efforts did not avail. : to produce or result in as a benefit or advantage : gain His efforts availed him nothing. : to make use of : to take advantage of They availed themselves of his services.

What is the synonym of as a result?

What is another word for as a result?
consequentlyas a consequence
ergoin consequence
subsequentlythat being the case
accordinglyfor that reason

What does it mean when someone asks you word?

Word can mean okay or just to communicate that you heard them. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” “Word.” “I’m going to the store, I’ll be back later.”

What does left reading mean?

(Internet) To read someone’s message or messages and not give any response, particularly on an instant messaging application where a user can see whether or not their interlocutor has read their message.

Is Irresponsiveness a word?

adj. Exhibiting a lack of responsiveness. un′re·spon′sive·ly adv. un′re·spon′sive·ness n.

What does OH mean in texting?

In text messages or internet posts, Oh. can be used to express disappointment, a sense of awkwardness, surprise, hurt, or dismay at some news.

How do you say I don’t care without being rude?

Some people believe that saying “I don’t care” is rude. To avoid accidentally offending someone, you can try using these five alternatives instead.

Other Ways of Saying “I Don’t Care”
  1. I don’t mind. …
  2. That doesn’t bother me. …
  3. That’s not a priority for me right now. …
  4. That doesn’t concern me. …
  5. I would rather not get involved.

Is no thank you rude?

You are not being rude by saying “no, thank you.” Anyone who refuses to accept it is being rude by questioning your motives. But most of us are gracious hosts, and we want to make our guests happy.