What is the synonym and antonym of capsize?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for capsize, like: turn, tip-over, overthrow, invert, overturn, knock over, upset, keel, move, coup and topple.

What are synonyms of capsize?

synonyms for capsize
  • invert.
  • roll.
  • upset.
  • keel over.
  • tip over.
  • turn over.
  • turn turtle.

What is the antonym of flip?

What is the opposite of flip?
up front

What do capsize means?

Definition of capsize

transitive verb. : to cause to overturn capsize a canoe. intransitive verb. : to become upset or overturned : turn over the canoe capsized.

Why is it called capsized?

Sometimes vessels that capsize can be righted, like a canoe, and other times they sink to the bottom of the sea. The origin of capsize is uncertain, though it may be related to the Spanish word capuzar, “sink by the head.” “Don’t rock the boat or it will capsize!”

What is the synonym of overturn?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for overturn. countermand, override, overruling, veto.

What is it called when a boat capsizes?

Capsizing or keeling over occurs when a boat or ship is rolled on its side or further by wave action, instability or wind force beyond the angle of positive static stability or it is upside down in the water. The act of recovering a vessel from a capsize is called righting.

What does it mean to capsize a boat?

A capsizing is when a boat overturns or is swamped with water. Capsizing occurs most often with small boats like canoes and sailboats.

What causes boats to capsize?

Boats capsize because they become unstable. There are three main reasons for that instability: too much or unbalanced crew and equipment weight; leaking water, which also creates too much weight; and bad weather, which causes instability as the boat is rocked and filled with water.

What is the difference between capsizing and sinking?

It would seem , a ship must be submerged and must touch bottom to constitute a sinking. However, capsize does not have to be so extreme as to cause the ship to sink as “sinking” is a separate peril. The term capsized means that the ship or craft is turned over or, atleast “wholly healed over”.

What is it called when a boat is moving?

When you move toward the stern on the boat, you are going aft. When a boat is moving in the water, either by motor power or by sail, it is called being ​underway. A boat moving forward is moving ahead. When the boat moves backward, it is going astern.

What is it called when a boat moves through the water?

sail. verb. if a boat sails, it moves across the surface of a sea, lake, river etc.

Can you explain capsizing?

Meaning of capsize in English. to (cause a boat or ship to) turn upside down by accident while on water: A huge wave capsized the yacht.

Why do ships capsize when sinking?

Capsizing and swamping can be caused by a number of situations, including big waves, overloading or damage to your vessel. Swamping is when your vessel fills with water, increasing the risk of sinking.