What is another word for character flaw?

What is another word for character flaw?
feet of clayfailing

What is the opposite of character?

Antonyms. incidental cauline light effortless nonpregnant. imaginary being imaginary creature fictitious character.

What are the types of character flaws?

There are three types of character flaws: minor, major, and fatal.

What does flaws mean in a person?

countable noun. A flaw in someone’s character is an undesirable quality that they have. The only flaw in his character seems to be a short temper. Synonyms: weakness, failing, defect, weak spot More Synonyms of flaw.

What is the acronym of flaws?

FLAWFriends of Land Air Water (Eugene, OR)
FLAWForeign Languages At Work (qualification)
FLAWFully Live-Action Webcomic
FLAWFleet Logistics Air Wing (US Navy)

How do you identify character flaws?

Common Sense Ethics
  1. 5 Insightful Ways to Identify and Change Your Character Flaws. 11/5/2016. …
  2. Look at Yourself From Your Enemy’s Perspective. …
  3. Keep a Personal Journal. …
  4. Examine What Keeps Coming Up in Your Evening Review. …
  5. Observe Your Projections. …
  6. Do a Self-Assessment.

What is a major character flaw?

Major Flaw: A major character flaw is a much more noticeable and important hindrance which actually impairs the individual, whether physically, mentally, or morally. Sometimes major flaws are not actually negative, but are classified as such in that they often serve to hinder or restrict the character in some way.

Is lying a character flaw?

In fact, lying is often portrayed as a character flaw—it is wrong, evil, a shameful thing to do (see Solomon). Accusing someone of lying puts people on the defensive. Accordingly, when people are accused of lying they tend to shift the blame by attacking back (see pointing out the truth).

How do you give a perfect character flaw?

Tips for using different types of character flaws better
  1. Explain your character’s flaws. Whatever your characters’ flaws, explain them. …
  2. Make the flaw fit the character. Make the flaw seem reasonable to your character. …
  3. Find additional character flaws as you draft.

Can a character be too flawed?

An overly flawed character is almost as bad as a flawless character. Oftentimes, overly flawed characters are the result of writers wanting to add depth to a character, but overloading a single character with several flaws too many can make a work seem shallow.

What are the 24 character strength?

There are 6 classes of virtues that are made up of 24 character strengths: Wisdom and Knowledge. Courage. Humanity.

5. Virtue of Temperance
  • Forgiveness and mercy.
  • Humility and modesty.
  • Prudence.
  • Self-Regulation and Self-control.

What are some good flaws to have?

If you’re not sure what’s a good flaw, look over some examples:
  • Feeling nervous when talking in front of a group of people.
  • Not being very artistic.
  • Being too direct or too honest when giving feedback.
  • Having trouble maintaining a work/life balance.
  • Taking a bit longer than others to learn a new computer program.

What are some flaws in a man?

Below is the list of character flaws that prove he’ll never be the gentleman you deserve:
  • He’s controlling and possessive. …
  • He’s impatient and irritable. …
  • He’s stubborn and unaccommodating. …
  • He’s a provocateur. …
  • He acts lazy and thoughtless. …
  • He’s nosy and distrusting. …
  • He constantly shifts the blame.

What are 3 examples of weaknesses?

Examples of Weaknesses.
  • Self-criticism.
  • Shyness.
  • Lack of knowledge of particular software.
  • Public speaking.
  • Taking criticism.
  • Lack of experience.
  • Inability to delegate.
  • Lack of confidence.