What is the opposite of coiled?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for coiled. straight, straightaway.

What coiled meaning?

1 : to wind into rings or spirals coil a rope. 2 : to roll or twist into a shape resembling a coil coiled herself up on the couch. intransitive verb. 1 : to move in a circular or spiral course. 2 : to form or lie in a coil.

What is the antonym for curl?

What is the opposite of curl?
straighten outadjust

What type of word is coiled?

The adjective coiled describes something that takes the shape of a coil, a circle, ring, or spiral.

What is the meaning of coiled string?

A coil of rope or wire is a length of it that has been wound into a series of loops. Tod shook his head angrily and slung the coil of rope over his shoulder. [ + of] The steel arrives at the factory in coils. Synonyms: loop, twist, curl, spiral More Synonyms of coil.

How do you use coil in a sentence?

Louisa was dancing, spinning by herself, her skirt flying out and coiling around her feet. A huge rattlesnake lay coiled on the blanket. Once we have the wire, we can coil it up into the shape of a spring. Her hair was coiled up on top of her head.

What is a coiled basket?

A coiled basket begins with a material that is wrapped around (the core) and then sewn together in an orderly manner. The basket needs a base, a shape and a rim.

What is coiled python?

Coiled is a deployment-as-a-service library for scaling Python with Dask, a popular open source library for parallel analytics. Coiled manages cloud resources, networking, software environments, and everything you need to scale Python in the cloud robustly and easily.

What is Wickering?

1. Made of, secured by, or covered with, wickers or wickerwork. Ships of light timber, wickered with osier between, and covered over with leather.

What is coiling in art?

Coiling is a primary forming technique, meaning that it is used to produce the overall shape of a vessel that is then refined by other techniques. Coiling involves the rolling out of clay into a long thin sausage-like form that is wound round like a spring.

Is coiled free?

As you use the product beyond the free limit we start to charge you. We charge roughly five cents per CPU hour managed. This is similar in magnitude to what cloud providers charge. You can pay by credit card, or with a purchase order.

What is Dask used for?

Dask is a free and open-source library for parallel computing in Python. Dask helps you scale your data science and machine learning workflows. Dask makes it easy to work with Numpy, pandas, and Scikit-Learn, but that’s just the beginning.

What is coiled Dask?

Coiled is a Dask company. Using Coiled, data professionals can scale Dask in the cloud… in minutes. Coiled helps data scientists use Python for ambitious problems, scaling to the cloud for computing power, ease, and speed—all tuned for the needs of teams and enterprise.

What does coiling mean in biology?

A spiral or series of loops.

How do you coil a basket?

What is coiled coil structure?

Coiled coils are α-helical structures in which helices are wound around each other to form superhelical bundles. They usually consist of two or three helices in parallel or antiparallel orientation, but structures with seven and more helices have been determined.

Why do coiled coils form?

Coiled coils are formed when two or more α-helices self-assemble by winding around each other to form a left-handed supercoil (Fig. 3.1C). Although dimers, trimers, and tetramers are the most common structures, larger coiled-coils of up to seven helices can now be prescriptively designed [8].

What are coiled coils used for?

Coiled-coil proteins exhibit a large diversity of function (e.g. gene regulation, cell division, membrane fusion, drug extrusion) thus demonstrating the significance of oligomerization in biological systems.