Are synonyms and antonyms context clues?

Context clues are words or phrases within a text that help clarify vocabulary that is unknown to you. There are several types of context clues including brief definition and restatement, synonyms and antonyms, and example.

What is the example of antonyms clues?

Antonym context clues offer nearby words with opposite meanings. Antonym: “You look pretty content about it, not like you’re all bent out of shape at all,” he noted. Antonym: “No, no, that didn’t literally happen,” she said. “I was speaking figuratively.”

What are the 5 antonyms?

Antonym Examples
achieve – failgiant – dwarfrandom – specific
attack – defendliquid – solidsunny – cloudy
blunt – sharpmarvelous – terribletimid – bold
brave – cowardlynoisy – quiettoward – away
cautious – carelesspartial – completetragic – comic

What is the example of contrast or antonym clues?

Contrast/Antonym Clues

Look for signal words when applying context clues. Example: “Lou wanted to go to the haberdashery, but Ann wanted to shop at the boutique.” The signal word but tells the reader that an opposite thought is going to be stated.

What are the 4 examples of context clues?

Four Types of Context Clues
  • Definitions or restatements.
  • Synonyms.
  • Antonyms or opposites.
  • Examples or explanations.

What’s antonym mean?

a word of opposite meaning
Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is the antonym of the word contrast?

What is the opposite of contrast?

What are the 5 examples of context clues?

The five types of context clues I like to teach can be remembered by the mnemonic LEADS. These include Logic, Examples, Antonyms, Definition, and Synonyms. I also introduce Word Parts (base words, prefixes, and suffixes) later on in the year, after we have had plenty of practice with Latin and Greek Roots.

What is contrast example?

Contrast often means “opposite”: for example, black is the opposite of white, and so there’s a contrast between black ink and white paper. But contrast can also happen when the two things are just very different. For example, cats and dogs are definitely a contrast, but they’re not opposites.

What is example clues?

Example. Clue. An example clue is a word or phrase that provides an example to illustrate the unfamiliar word. Look for words of phrases that introduce examples, such as for example, for instance, to illustrate, like, and such as.

What are some examples of antonyms used in sentences?

Complementary antonyms: “The boy crossed the street” and “The girl walked to the curb” are examples of sentences with complementary antonyms. The subjects of both sentences are independent: The boy doesn’t exist as a condition of the girl.

What is the example of inference context clues?

Harry lives with his aunt and uncle. His room is a cupboard under the stairs. You can infer that Harry’s parents have died because he doesn’t live with them. You can infer that his aunt and uncle don’t like him because of where he sleeps.

What are the types of context clues?

There are at least four kinds of context clues that are quite common. A synonym, or word with the same meaning, is used in the sentence. My opponent’s argument is fallacious, misleading – plain wrong. A word or group of words that has the opposite meaning reveals the meaning of an unknown term.

What are 10 examples of antonyms?

Antonym examples:
  • Admire – Detest.
  • Bravery – Cowardice.
  • Crooked – Straight.
  • Dainty – Clumsy.
  • Economise – Waste.

What are the 3 types of antonyms?

There are three types of English antonyms: contrary antonym, complementary antonym and converse antonym. According to the traditional linguistics, antonyms are totally opposite in meaning.

What are the 200 examples of antonyms?

200 Antonyms Words List | Common Antonyms List