What is the antonym of crystal?

An anticrystal is a theoretical solid that is completely disordered, making it the opposite of a crystal.

What is a antonym for Clear as a crystal?

Near Antonyms for crystal clear. colored, dark, glazed, tinted.

What are antonyms for gem?

  • blemish,
  • deface,
  • disfigure,
  • mar,
  • scar,
  • spoil.

What is another word for crystal clear?

absolutely clear; transparent; lucid.

What do you call not clear water?

Water that is not clear can be called murky, cloudy or, in formal contexts, turbid. Murky and turbid are often used of rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds.

Is crystal clear a metaphor?

Etymology. Emphatic form of clear in visual and metaphorical “understandable” senses.

How would you describe crystal water?

Crystal water or hydration water describes water which is bound by crystalline solid bodies as in certain salts which crystallized from certain aqueous solutions. Substances which contain crystal water are also referred to as hydrates.

How do you use crystal clear in a sentence?

“Was my request clear?” “Yes, crystal clear.” Eventually it became crystal clear that something had to change.

Why do we say crystal clear?

If you say that a message or statement is crystal clear, you are emphasizing that it is very easy to understand. The message is crystal clear – if you lose weight, you will feel better.

What does crystal clear water mean?

extremely clear: crystal clear water. Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples. easy to see through.

What type of word is crystal clear?

Completely clear and understood. “Reread through the manual until the instructions are crystal clear in your head.”

What’s another word for very clear?

1 fair, cloudless, sunny. 2 translucent, limpid, crystalline, diaphanous. 8 intelligible, comprehensible, lucid, plain, perspicuous. 10 obvious, manifest, apparent, unmistakable.

What’s another word for made clear?

•shown (adjective)

demonstrated, revealed, established, determined.

What is a crystal in science?

crystal, any solid material in which the component atoms are arranged in a definite pattern and whose surface regularity reflects its internal symmetry.

How do you say it is clear differently?

“It is clear he is a stranger to Mr.

What is another word for it is clear?

What is the opposite of being transparent?

The opposite of the literal sense of transparent is opaque, which describes things that cannot be seen through at all or that do not let any light pass through them.