What is the antonym of delusion?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for delusional. authentic, genuine, true.

What is the synonym of delusion?

Some common synonyms of delusion are hallucination, illusion, and mirage.

What is the antonym of delude?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for deluded. correct, right.

What are some antonyms for hallucination?

antonyms for hallucination
  • reality.
  • experience.
  • fact.
  • truth.

What is a delusional person?

A delusion is a belief that a person holds that is not based in reality and is not altered or modified when the person is presented with contradictory evidence. As such, people who are suffering from delusional disorder struggle to align reality with their perceptions of reality.

What is another word for self delusion?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for self-delusion, like: megalomania, egotism, hubris, self-deception, stupidity, mendacity, naivete, amorality and fatalism.

What does delusional mean in simple words?

Definition of delusional

having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions: Senators who think they will get agreement on a comprehensive tax bill are delusional. Psychiatry.

What is the synonym of the word fallacy?

misbelief, misconception, myth, old wives’ tale, untruth.

How do you use delusion in a sentence?

Examples of delusion in a Sentence

He has delusions about how much money he can make at that job. He is living under the delusion that he is incapable of making mistakes. She is under the delusion that we will finish on time. As the illness progressed, his delusions took over and he had violent outbursts.

What is the synonym of hallucination?

Some common synonyms of hallucination are delusion, illusion, and mirage. While all these words mean “something that is believed to be true or real but that is actually false or unreal,” hallucination implies impressions that are the product of disordered senses, as because of mental illness or drugs.

What’s the opposite of fallacy?

Opposite of a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound arguments. truth. verity. accuracy. certainty.

What is a antonym of fallacy?

noun. ( ˈfæləsi) A misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning. Antonyms. conception unenlightenment naivete rule conceptualization conceptuality property.

What’s the meaning of sophism?

Definition of sophism

1 : an argument apparently correct in form but actually invalid especially : such an argument used to deceive.

What is a synonym for hypnotic?

adj.spellbinding, sleep-inducing.

What is the opposite word of regression?

To understand the word regressive, it’s helpful to know that its antonym, or opposite, is progressive. When something is progressive, it tends to get better and more advanced.

What is fallacy examples?

A fallacy is an illogical step in the formulation of an argument. An argument in academic writing is essentially a conclusion or claim, with assumptions or reasons to support that claim. For example, “Blue is a bad color because it is linked to sadness” is an argument because it makes a claim and offers support for it.

What’s the opposite of hypnotize?

What is the opposite of hypnotize?
stimulateturn off

What does hypnotically mean?

: tending to produce sleep : soporific. : of or relating to hypnosis or hypnotism. : readily holding the attention. a hypnotic personality.