What is another word for not die?

immortal Add to list Share. Immortal describes what will never die.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is another way to say die?

What is another word for die?

Will never die meaning?

Adjective. Lasting, living or enduring forever. immortal. eternal.

Is Aquirement a word?

Acquirement is the act of getting or obtaining something, especially knowledge or skills. It can also refer to the thing acquired. When used in this way, it’s often used in the plural (acquirements). Acquirement is a noun form of the verb acquire, which most commonly means to get, buy, or learn.

What does it mean to be invincible?

incapable of being conquered, overcome
: incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued.

What is something that never ends?

perpetual Add to list Share. Use the adjective perpetual to describe something that never ends or changes.

What is another word for endless?


1 limitless, illimitable, unending, unceasing, continuous, perpetual.

What is another word for living forever?

immortality Add to list Share. If you achieve immortality that means you’ll live forever.

Is eternal forever?

‘Eternal’ means always lasting without a beginning or end; think of ‘eternal’ as existing outside of time. If something is eternal, it always is and always was. eternal does mean forever. they are synonyms.

What’s the opposite of eternity?

Opposite of one’s life or existence after death. hell. limbo. dystopia. perdition.

What does immortal love mean?

1 not subject to death or decay; having perpetual life. 2 having everlasting fame; remembered throughout time. 3 everlasting; perpetual; constant.

How do you describe love forever?

Forever love is a committed and eternal love that takes a lot of intention and work. It lasts for better or for worse, but not because of destiny or fate. It isn’t dependent on feeling or emotions.

What is an immortal body?

Biological immortality is an absence of aging. Specifically it is the absence of a sustained increase in rate of mortality as a function of chronological age. A cell or organism that does not experience aging, or ceases to age at some point, is biologically immortal.

What’s the difference between mortal and immortal?

The definition of MORTAL is, a state or condition of being liable to death. Not a condition of death, but a condition in which death is a possibility. The definition of IMMORTAL is, a state or condition not liable to death.