What is another word for discrepant?

Find another word for discrepant. In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for discrepant, like: agreeing, incongruent, consistent, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent, repugnant, discordant, dissonant, agree and at variance.

What are the antonyms of antonyms?

Even antonym has an antonym! The opposite of antonym is synonym, which is a word that has the same meaning as another word. For example, a synonym of the word fast would be quick—both describe something that moves with speed.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is a discrepant element?

(usually of two or more objects, accounts, findings etc.) differing; disagreeing; inconsistent: discrepant accounts.

Does discrepancy mean difference?

: a difference between things that are expected to be the same There is a discrepancy in the records.

How do you use discrepancy?

Meaning of discrepancy in English. a difference between two things that should be the same: There is some discrepancy between the two accounts. The committee is reportedly unhappy about the discrepancy in numbers.

Where the discrepancy lies Meaning?

( discrepancies plural ) If there is a discrepancybetween two things that ought to be the same, there is a noticeable difference between them.

Is Disparency a word?

Disparency definition

(proscribed) A significant discrepancy.

How do you calculate discrepancy?

How to Calculate Ad Discrepancy
  1. Subtract the number you received from the other party (be it sell or buy)
  2. Divide it by the other party’s number and multiply by 100.
  3. The number you receive is the % of the discrepancy.

What means discrepant?

: being at variance : disagreeing. widely discrepant conclusions.

Is discrepancy negative?

Summary. Discrepancy and Unresolved are even. One is a positive and one is a negative. There is a Discrepancy and an Unresolved amount in account reconciliation for the same amount, but opposite values.

Is discrepancy the same as error?

Discrepancy synonyms and antonyms

An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness. A disparity; an inconsistency.

What does non discrepant mean?

nondiscrepancy (usually uncountable, plural nondiscrepancies) The quality of not being discrepant; absence of discrepancy.

What is discrepant activity?

Discrepant events — demonstrations that produce unexpected outcomes — are used in science to capture students’ attention and to confront their beliefs about a “phenomenon by producing an outcome which is contrary to what their previous experiences would lead them to believe is true” (Misiti, 2000, p. 34).

What is a Discerptor?

discerptor (plural discerptors) (formal, rare) A person who pulls something apart; a person who divides or separates. quotations ▼

What is discrepant data?

What is a data discrepancy? Generally speaking, a data discrepancy is when 2 or more sets of comparable data don’t match up. And, despite sounding kind of technical, it isn’t something that is unique to big data or adtech.

What is a discrepant material report?

What Is a Discrepant Material Report? A discrepant material report, or DMR, is used to report nonconforming material. It indicates that a manufacturer should perform a corrective action preventive action (CAPA) to resolve the situation.

What is discrepancy in letter of credit?

When documents presented do not conform to the requirements of the letter of credit (L/C), it is referred to as a “discrepancy.” Banks will not process L/C’s which have discrepancies. They will refer the situation back to the buyer and/or seller and await further instructions.

What are discrepant cases?

Discrepant case sampling is a sampling method that aims to elaborate, modify, or refine a theory (LeCompte & Preissle, 1993). The goal is to deliberately choose cases that might help to modify an emerging theory, not completely refute it.

What are the types of discrepancy?

Discrepancy Basics

There are two types of discrepancy, based on where it originates: System-generated (for example, a validation error that results in a univariate discrepancy) User-generated (for example, a section discrepancy that a user initiates)