What is the synonym and antonym of effete?

decadent. adjectivecorrupt, self-indulgent. debased. debauched.

What is the synonym of the word effete?

adjective. excessively self-indulgent, affected, or decadent. “a group of effete self-professed intellectuals” synonyms: decadent indulgent.

What does it mean to be effete?

effete • \ih-FEET\ • adjective. 1 : no longer fertile 2 a : having lost character, vitality, or strength b : marked by weakness or decadence c : soft or delicate from or as if from a pampered existence 3 : having feminine qualities untypical of a man : not manly in appearance or manner.

How do you use effete?

It’s a cosy, less effete way of nodding to the trend. He often specialised in playing cold, somewhat effete villains. As a result, harmful effete substances would form and injure various parts of the body.

Does effete mean feminine?

Effete is an adjective describing something as feminine or effeminate. An alternative definition is for something to lack effectiveness, to not have strength or bravery or to be unable to act. Its derivatives include effetely and effeteness.

What is a synonym futile?

The words fruitless and vain are common synonyms of futile. While all three words mean “producing no result,” futile may connote completeness of failure or unwisdom of undertaking.

What is the synonym of meantime?

adverbat the same time. ad interim. concurrently. during the interval. for now.

What is opposite to futile?

Answer : D. Solution : fruitful (Adjective) : producing many useful results, productive. <br> futile (Adjective) : having no purpose because there is no chance of success, pointless.

Can a person be futile?

Futile definition

An example of futile is someone trying to stop a plane that has already left the ground. Incapable of producing results; useless; not successful; not worth attempting. That could not succeed; useless; vain. Trifling or unimportant.

Is Futile a British word?

Did you know? Futile broke into 16th-century English as a Latinate borrowing from Middle French. The Latin derivative, fūtilis, was used to describe things that are brittle or fragile and, by extension, things serving no purpose or being pointless.

Is productive opposite for futile?

Detailed Solution

Because the context of the words ‘Futile’ and ‘productive’ is the same, but opposite in meaning. Therefore, Antonyms to each other.

What is futile in the Bible?

Since all knowledge is grounded in God, thinking becomes futile when God is denied. Unbelievers suppress what they know to be true and are therefore cursed with futile thinking and believe lies. Romans 1:18-22. Unbelieving thought swings between rationalism and irrationalism, each constantly borrowing from the other.

What is the opposite of ambiguous?


1 explicit. 3 certain. 4 clear, precise, unambiguous. See antonyms for ambiguous on Thesaurus.com.

What is the opposite of being unproductive?

Opposites. effective , useful , rewarding , profitable , worthwhile , fruitful , remunerative. 2 (adjective) in the sense of barren. increasingly unproductive land.

What is a sentence for futile?

How to use Futile in a sentence. She sighed at the futile thoughts. Several futile attempts have been made to draw conclusions as to the intelligence of various birds. His efforts were worse than futile.