Which are the antonyms?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, hot and cold are antonyms, as are good and bad.

What is a synonym for exploiter?

A person who swindles, cheats or defrauds. swindler. cheat. fraudster. hustler.

What is the best synonym for exploit?

The words achievement and feat are common synonyms of exploit. While all three words mean “a remarkable deed,” exploit suggests an adventurous or heroic act.

What are the antonyms of antonyms?

What does it mean to exploit someone?

to use someone or something unfairly for your own advantage: Laws exist to stop companies exploiting their employees.

What exploiter means?

/ɪkˈsplɔɪ.tər/ someone who uses other people or things for his or her own profit or advantage.

What is the antonym of word?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What are the 3 types of antonyms?

There are three types of English antonyms: contrary antonym, complementary antonym and converse antonym. According to the traditional linguistics, antonyms are totally opposite in meaning.

What is the antonym and synonym?

Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost the same, meaning as another word. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word. Choosing the right synonym refines your writing.

What do you call someone who leeches?

Some common synonyms of leech are parasite, sponge, sycophant, and toady. While all these words mean “a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker,” leech stresses persistence in clinging to or bleeding another for one’s own advantage.

What is a synonym for predator?

synonyms for predator
  • carnivore.
  • animal of prey.
  • beast of prey.
  • meat-eater.

What is another word for abuser?

•one who mistreats (noun)

evildoer, villain, thug, victimizer.

How do you pronounce exploiter?

What is opposite of a predator?

Opposite of a rapacious or predatory person. prey. benefactor. philanthropist. supporter.

What does being predatory mean?

Definition of predatory

1a : of, relating to, or practicing plunder, pillage, or rapine. b : inclined or intended to injure or exploit others for personal gain or profit predatory pricing practices.

What is predator antonym?

Antonyms. unaggressive confined herbivorous insectivorous omnivorous inoffensive palatable.

What word is the opposite of prey?

Opposite of an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food. predator.

What is the predator of humans?

Although humans can be attacked by many kinds of non-human animals, man-eaters are those that have incorporated human flesh into their usual diet and actively hunt and kill humans. Most reported cases of man-eaters have involved lions, tigers, leopards, polar bears, and large crocodilians.

What is a predator vs Prey?

Predator: an animal that kills and eats other animals. Context: Hawks and coyotes both eat small rodents; they are predators. Prey: animals that are killed and eaten by other animals.

Is Predative a word?

Meaning of “predative” in the English dictionary

Predative is an adjective. The adjective is the word that accompanies the noun to determine or qualify it.