What is the opposite of extended metaphor?

Answer and Explanation:

The opposite of a metaphor is something literal, a description without comparison, such as a chronicle, fact, history, narrative, or record.

What is another word for extended metaphor?

a conceit
An extended metaphor is sometimes called a conceit, especially in poetry.

What is a antonym for metaphor?

Opposite of a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially something abstract. reality. truth. fact. realism.

What is an indirect metaphor called?

An implied metaphor is a type of metaphor that compares two unlike things without mentioning one of them. For example, “Elise finally lured Adam into her web.” In this line, we know what Elise is being compared to a spider, but it isn’t expressly stated.

What’s the difference between extended metaphor and allegory?

In general, metaphor is a short phrase or paragraph that compares two seemingly unrelated things to make a point, while an allegory is a long narrative that uses a seemingly unrelated story to teach a lesson or prove a point.

What is the opposite of extended family?

“It was a private event, and nonfamily were not allowed to attend.”

What is the opposite of extended family?

What is another synonym for extensive?

broad, comprehensive, considerable, expanded, huge, large, large-scale, lengthy, major, pervasive, protracted, sweeping, vast, voluminous, wide-ranging, across the board, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, big, blanket.

What is the meaning of extended metaphor?

An extended metaphor is a version of metaphor that extends over the course of multiple lines, paragraphs, or stanzas of prose or poetry. Extended metaphors build upon simple metaphors with figurative language and more varied, descriptive comparisons.

What is an example of extended metaphor?

Metaphor example: “That man is a snake.” Simile example: “Your ex is sneaky as a snake.” Extended metaphor example: “You’re a snake! Everything you hiss out of your mouth is a lie.

What is the synonym of metaphor?

figure of speech

nounnon-literal communication. adumbration. allegory.

Is extended metaphor a rhetorical device?

An extended metaphor is a rhetorical technique that explains a concept by directly mentioning another concept and drawing multiple parallels between them. It is often used to explain a complex idea — allowing readers or listeners to visualize it in terms that they already understand.

Is Romeo and Juliet a extended metaphor?

Extended Metaphor in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo compares Juliet to a radiant sun, and then extends the metaphor by entreating her to “kill the envious moon.” But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

How do you use extended metaphor in a sentence?

Mitchell is forced to use real buildings and the real city as his only means of explaining, through an extended metaphor, how different cyberspace will be. She likens herself to a wave in an extended metaphor, explaining that she will love him on her terms only.