What is the synonym of factitious?

adjective. not produced by natural forces; artificial or fake. “brokers created a factitious demand for stocks” Synonyms: artificial, unreal.

Is the word which is opposite in meaning to the keyword factitious?

Detailed Solution

The correct answer is “Genuine”. The word ‘Factitious’ means artificially created or developed. The antonyms of the word ‘Factitious’ are “genuine, natural, real“.

What is the antonyms of exaggerating?

Definitions of exaggeration. making to seem more important than it really is. synonyms: magnification, overstatement. Antonyms: understatement.

What is the antonym of pretend?

What is the opposite of pretend?

What is the word factious mean?

Definitions of factious. adjective. dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion) synonyms: dissentious, divisive discordant. not in agreement or harmony.

What are antonyms for magnanimous?

antonyms for magnanimous
  • mean.
  • selfish.
  • uncharitable.
  • petty.
  • stingy.

Is Gallant a synonym or antonym?

Some common synonyms of gallant are chivalrous, civil, courteous, and polite. While all these words mean “observant of the forms required by good breeding,” gallant and chivalrous imply courteous attentiveness especially to women. gallant suggests spirited and dashing behavior and ornate expressions of courtesy.

What is the meaning of indolent or idle?

habitually lazy
1a : averse to activity, effort, or movement : habitually lazy. b : showing an inclination to laziness an indolent sigh. c : conducive to or encouraging laziness indolent heat.

What do you call someone who puts others first?

Someone who is altruistic always puts others first. An altruistic firefighter risks his life to save another’s life, while an altruistic mom gives up the last bite of pie so her kid will be happy.

Is being altruistic good?

Helping others, especially those less fortunate than yourself, can help put things into perspective and make you feel more positive. There is some evidence that being aware of your own acts of kindness and the things you are grateful for can increase feelings of happiness, optimism, and satisfaction.

Who is altruistic person?

a : having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others altruistic acts/motives a generous and altruistic person Yet many of the most important institutions in our society—the fine arts, NGOs, humanitarian charities—depend on the generosity of wealthy citizens with altruistic impulses.—

What are the 4 types of altruism?

Experts have long been fascinated by the motivations of human cooperation, noting four distinct types of altruism:
  • Kin altruism. It happens when you unselfishly support your family members and loved ones or make personal sacrifices on their behalf.
  • Reciprocal altruism. …
  • Cultural group altruism. …
  • Pure altruism.

Who is the selfless person in the world?

Mithalal Sindhi has lived on the footpath for nearly 60 years but he is not the one to complain. In fact, he knows humanity better than most of us. The selfless man has performed over 550 funerals of unclaimed bodies which he calls a ‘beautiful activity’.

What makes someone selfless?

Being selfless is similar to being altruistic — another word for giving to others without looking for personal gain. If you give time, money, or things to other people without expecting something in return, that’s selfless.

What does it mean when someone is selfless?

: having no concern for self : unselfish.

What do you call someone who only does things to benefit themselves?

selfish Add to list Share. Someone who is selfish cares only about themselves and doesn’t consider others.

Is love selfish or selfless?

Selfish love: is focused on getting what one can gain from their partner and the relationship. Selfless love: is about sacrificing everything for another and accepting the other without judgment.

Is being selfless a weakness?

Is being selfless a weakness? Not only is it not a weakness, but based on the reciprocation principle, it can be a superpower if you use it right. Ultimately in life, we all have to give something in order to get something.