What is the opposite of a fair maiden?

Opposite of abstaining from extramarital, or from all, amorous relations. dirty. impure. unchaste. unclean.

What does fair maiden mean?

a girl or young woman: In the story, the prince woos and wins the fair maiden. Synonym. girl.

What is the antonym of fairness?

What is the opposite of fairness?

What is a synonym for the word maiden?

noun(offensive) older unmarried woman. bachelor girl. fuddy-duddy. goody-goody. lone woman.

What is Maidenless?

Here’s the full line: “You are maidenless. A bit player, fully divorced from the strength of runes.” What the NPC Varré actually means, though it’s not immediately clear to the player, is that you need a “Maiden” guide who will allow you to turn the runes you pick up into stat gains.

What is Iron Maiden?

torture device
Definition of iron maiden

: a supposed medieval torture device consisting of a hollow iron statue or coffin in the shape of a woman that is lined with spikes which impale the enclosed victim.

What is my fair maiden?

General Information : A non-invasive, infertile hybrid Maiden Grass. Ideal for dramatic backgrounds in the landscape.

What is the meaning of good morrow?

Good morning
(archaic) Good morning.

What is the meaning of slenderness?

the quality of being thin and delicate, often in a way that is attractive : He emphasised his elegant slenderness in close-fitting garments of black satin. We tend to associate slenderness with all kinds of positive attributes, from self-control to intelligence.