What is the best antonym for astonished?

antonyms for astonished
  • aware.
  • clear.
  • oriented.
  • understanding.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

Can flabbergasted be used in a negative way?

Use the adjective flabbergasted to describe someone who’s astounded or surprised for any reason, good or bad.

Is explain antonym of astonish?

Opposite of to surprise, astound, or flabbergast. bore. calm. expect.

What is a dumbfound?

adjective. speechless with amazement; astonished or showing astonishment: I smiled at the dumbfounded look on their faces as their eyes widened and their mouths fell slack. verb.

What is the another word of astonished?

Some common synonyms of astonish are amaze, astound, flabbergast, and surprise.

What is the best synonyms for astonishment?

  • admiration,
  • amazement,
  • awe,
  • wonder,
  • wonderment.

What is the most suitable meaning of the word astonished ‘?

showing great surprise or wonder
: feeling or showing great surprise or wonder : astounded, amazed.

Can astonishing be negative?

Yes, they can. You can say you are astonished that one could be so stupid. Or your friend is astoundingly pigheaded. You could also use extraordinary in place of either word too, although you’d need to rewrite the sentence a bit.

What part of speech is indolent?

Indolent is an adjective meaning slow or lazy.

What is stupefaction meaning?

/ˌstuː.pəˈfæk.ʃən/ the condition of being unable to think clearly, usually because someone is extremely tired or bored, or has taken drugs: Because of the drugs, he was in a state of stupefaction by the time we found him. He was intoxicated to the point of stupefaction.

What is the meaning of la dolce vita?

Definition of dolce vita

: a life of indolence and self-indulgence. — called also la dolce vita.

What is pliant?

Definition of pliant

1 : pliable sense 1a. 2 : easily influenced : yielding. 3 : suitable for varied uses.