What is the synonym of foul?

1 repulsive, repellent. 2 fetid, putrid, stinking. 3 unclean, polluted, sullied, soiled, stained, tainted, impure.

What is the antonym for?

an·​to·​nym ˈan-tə-ˌnim. : a word of opposite meaning. “Hot” and “cold” are antonyms.

What is smelly antonym?

antonyms for smelly
  • sweet.
  • good-smelling.
  • perfumed.

What type of word is foul?

Foul is most commonly used as an adjective to describe a bad smell. As a verb, foul usually means “make dirty or messy.” You might foul your room to the point where it smells a bit foul. In general, foul can be used as an adjective meaning “bad.” Foul luck is bad luck; a foul day is a bad day.

What is an example of foul?

Example Sentences

Adjective the foul odor of rotten eggs The medicine left a foul taste in my mouth. The weather has been foul all week.

Is Stinkily a word?

adverb In a stinky way.

Is fusty a real word?

adjective, fus·ti·er, fus·ti·est. having a stale smell; moldy; musty: fusty rooms that were in need of a good airing. old-fashioned or out-of-date, as architecture, furnishings, or the like: They still live in that fusty, gingerbread house.

What is the synonyms of baneful?

Some common synonyms of baneful are deleterious, detrimental, noxious, and pernicious. While all these words mean “exceedingly harmful,” baneful implies injury through poisoning or destroying.

What is the synonym of Bide?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bide, like: remain, endure, await, dwell, linger, stay, pause, tarry, wait, withstand and abide.

What is foul language?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Foul language is offensive and contains swear words or rude words.

What is the meaning of foul air?

adjective. If you describe something as foul, you mean it is dirty and smells or tastes unpleasant.

What is the synonym of binding?

imposing an obligation or duty. a legally binding commitment. Synonyms. compulsory. compulsory military conscription.

What does bide a wee mean?

to stay a little
bide a wee in British English

Scottish. to stay a little.

Is minute a word?

Minutus is the Latin word for “small,” and it gave rise to both the adjective minute (my-NOOT), or incredibly small, and the noun minute (MIN-it), or 60 seconds of time. Though they are pronounced differently, both words refer to small measurements.

What is the synonym of dusty?

Explore ‘dusty’ in the dictionary. (adjective) in the sense of dirty. Synonyms. dirty. grubby.

What is a synonym for injustice?

Some common synonyms of injustice are grievance, injury, and wrong. While all these words mean “an act that inflicts undeserved hurt,” injustice applies to any act that involves unfairness to another or violation of one’s rights. the injustices suffered by the lower classes.

How do you spell my Noot?

Often people confuse the spelling of minute (my noot) with minoot. The proper way to spell minoot is “minute”.

What is a British minute?

minute in British English

(ˈmɪnɪt ) noun. a period of time equal to 60 seconds; one sixtieth of an hour. Also called: minute of arc. a unit of angular measure equal to one sixtieth of a degree.