What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is the meaning of to grind?

1 : to make or be made into powder or small pieces by rubbing The mill grinds wheat into flour. 2 : to wear down, polish, or sharpen by friction grind an ax. 3 : to rub together with a scraping noise grind the teeth.

What is back to the grind?

What does “back to the grind” mean? “Back to the grind” typically means going back to work or your regular routine after taking a break to travel, spend time with friends or family or catch up on some rest.

What are antonyms for crushed?

What is the opposite of crushed?

What is the synonym of grind?

Some common synonyms of grind are drudgery, labor, toil, travail, and work.

How do you use the word grind?

Grind sentence example. She thought she heard him grind his teeth and frowned. They crush or grind the food, and are hence called ” molars.” They allowed us to grind the spices, pick over the raisins and lick the stirring spoons.

What does grind mean in social media?

Grind is often used by teenagers to complain about having to do work. It’s also commonly used by athletes on social media when they brag about working out and say “rise and grind!”

What does grinding mean in bed?

Dry humping can also be a form of foreplay that precedes penetrative sex or direct genital contact. The partnered dance move, grinding, which involves two people standing chest-to-back and gyrating their hips together, might also be described as dry humping. The term dry humping is seen as unromantic by many.

What does it mean to give someone grinds?

(Ireland, colloquial) Tutoring; extra lessons in a specific subject outside of school hours.

What does daily grind mean?

daily grind (plural daily grinds) (idiomatic) The difficult, routine, or monotonous tasks of daily work. quotations ▼ As soon as he has the money to retire, he plans to leave the daily grind and travel more.

How do you grind a girl?

What is grinding in slang?

slang. to annoy; irritate; irk. It really grinds me when he’s late.

What does rise and grind mean?

The idea of “rise and grind” is more than an Instagram hashtag – it’s a badge of honour that many young workers wear to show that they’re hustling seven days a week. Because, for many millennials, that’s work right now – wake up, hustle harder, sleep, repeat.

WHAT DOES been on my grind mean?

To be on your grind means to work on your hustle. All of this is slang meaning to work very hard at something (ie your job) in order to survive.

Why is work called The Grind?

In fact, the word grind has been used at least since the 1600s to mean to figuratively wear down or to oppress. By the 1700s grind had also come into use as a noun, meaning a routine or task that wears one down through repetition and dullness.

What is hustle and grind?

Someone who is a grinder can work tirelessly and see no return. Their sense of fulfillment is found in the chaos of moving at a fast pace, juggling multiple tasks, or simply being busy. However, someone who is a hustler makes sure every effort reaps a valuable return on investment.

What is grind and shine?

(slang) To work or study hard; to hustle or drudge. shine. 3.

What does embrace the grind mean?

The slang dictionary says the grind means boring, tedious work. At a company leadership meeting last year, one of our Vice Presidents made a simple, yet profound statement when he said, “success is all about being willing to embrace the grind.”

How do you grind in life?

5 Ways to Keep Grinding Even When You Aren’t Motivated
  1. Make a schedule. Not reporting to an office every day or punching a clock can be an amazing thing. …
  2. Take breaks throughout the day. Design your daily schedule with short breaks in mind. …
  3. Consider the alternative. …
  4. Take advantage of flexibility. …
  5. Think about the future.

How do you grind really like?

How do you grind harder?

7 Things You Need To Do To Grind Harder Without Mental Burnout
  1. Here are seven strategies on how to hustle better.
  2. Set Clear Goals.
  3. Focus on a Human Connection.
  4. Break Things Down into Smaller Steps.
  5. Focus on One Thing at a Time.
  6. Listen to People who have the Results You Want.
  7. Know Your Why.
  8. Learn Something New Daily.