What is another word for hellion?

What is another word for hellion?

What is the antonym of behemoth?

peewee, pygmy. (also pigmy), runt, shrimp.

What means hellion?

a troublesome or mischievous person
: a troublesome or mischievous person.

What is the antonym of fiery?

Antonyms. passionless cool unemotionality slow far nonviolent uncharged.

What animal is behemoth?

Behemoth is an animal of the modern natural world, most often the hippopotamus (e.g. in Russian where the word “begemot” refers more often to hippopotamus rather than the Biblical animal), although the elephant and water buffalo could also be candidates.

What does behemoth mean?

Definition of behemoth

1 often capitalized, religion : a mighty animal described in Job 40:15–24 as an example of the power of God. 2 : something of monstrous size, power, or appearance a behemoth truck.

What do you call a sassy person?

arrant, audacious, bold, brassy, brazen, cheeky, discourteous, disrespectful, flip, flippant, fresh, insolent, mouthy, rude, saucy, smart-alecky, wise.

Which is correct firey or fiery?

English is an odd language that has evolved from a multitude of different languages. And, despite having rules, there are exceptions like the firey vs. fiery argument. If you are stuck with the spelling, always keep in mind that “fire-y” is wrong and fiery is always correct.

What is a fiery person called?


What is another word for behemoth?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for behemoth, like: gigantic, colossal, beast, jumbo, brobdingnagian, monstrous, giant, pythonic, mountainous, monster and titan.

What is the synonym and antonym of calumny?

noun. ( ˈkæləmni) An abusive attack on a person’s character or good name. Antonyms. approval disrepute discolor appreciation increase clean. attack slander denigration defamation.

Is behemoth a negative word?

If you refer to something as a behemoth, you mean that it is extremely large, and often that it is unpleasant, inefficient, or difficult to manage.

How is behemoth used in a sentence?

The city is a sprawling behemoth with no heart.

Which is the closest antonym for the word sedentary?

antonyms for sedentary
  • activated.
  • active.
  • energetic.
  • mobile.
  • moving.

What is the synonym of jollification?

rejoicing, reveling. (or revelling), revelry, whoopee.

What is the synonym of lassitude?

Some common synonyms of lassitude are languor, lethargy, stupor, and torpor. While all these words mean “physical or mental inertness,” lassitude stresses listlessness or indifference resulting from fatigue or poor health.

What are antonyms for sagacious?

antonyms for sagacious
  • careless.
  • foolish.
  • ignorant.
  • stupid.