What is the synonym of impatient?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for impatiently. avidly, eagerly, excitedly, keenly.

Which are the antonyms?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, hot and cold are antonyms, as are good and bad.

What is a impatient person?

1 : not wanting to put up with or wait for something or someone. 2 : showing a lack of patience an impatient reply. 3 : restless and eager We’re impatient to leave.

What is the sentence of impatient?

1 An impatient driver behind me sounded his horn. 2 We are growing impatient with the lack of results. 3 He waved them away with an impatient gesture. 4 He is impatient with those who decry the scheme.

What is the antonym of toneless?

adjective. lacking in tone or expression. “his toneless mechanical voice” Antonyms: toned. having or distinguished by a tone; often used in combination.

What’s the difference between inpatient and impatient?

Impatient (pronounced “ihm-pay-shunt”) is an adjective. It means someone who cannot wait for anything without getting mad, irritated, complaining, or fidgeting. Inpatient (pronounced “ihn-pay-shunt”) is a noun. It means someone residing at the hospital awaiting care or a procedure.

How do I stop being impatient?

Some strategies for change include:
  1. Breathing! Take deep, slow breaths, and count to 10. …
  2. Scanning your body. …
  3. Changing your thoughts around the source of your impatience. …
  4. Using coping statements or mantras that promote patience and a sense of calm. …
  5. Accepting imperfection. …
  6. Being mindful. …
  7. Fueling yourself.

What is the opposite emotion of annoyed?

What is the opposite of annoyed?

Is it better to be patient or impatient?

Exhibiting patience establishes your high moral standard in life. Impatience we’ve learned is counterproductive. Feeling and showing hostility is a by product of impatience. It’s a negative action towards people who obstruct, frustrate, or delay one’s goals.

What happens when your impatient?

Impatience will turn you into an anxious and stressed person who tends to always see the negative side of each situation. You have to bear in mind that your personality depends on your emotions. Being impatient will lead to a negative attitude and constant complaining.

What is the prefix for impatient?

For example, in the word ‘impatient’, ‘patient’ is the original word. The prefix is ‘im‘. Together they form the word impatient, which means the opposite of patient.

What causes a person to be impatient?

Many people become impatient due to physical factors such as hunger, dehydration or fatigue . Bear this in mind the next time you start to feel impatient. A simple remedy might be a snack and a glass of water!

What is the root cause of impatience?

Impatience is triggered when we have a goal, and realize it’s going to cost us more than we thought to reach it. If you sit in your room with a blank mind, you will not be impatient. You’re just there. Now, if you decide that you want to go out and do something fun, you have adopted a goal.

Are successful people impatient?

Impatience is a trait of many successful people in business, and it has its place. The desire to effect change quickly is important and it can be frustrating when other people or external factors slow down our progress.

Which personality type is impatient?

While the term “Type A” is thrown around often, it’s not always fully known what specific characteristics make up Type A personality, even among experts. For some people, the term applies to rude and impatient people. Others see workaholics as Type A.

What kind of emotion is impatience?

Let’s start with a working definition for the emotion of impatience: Impatience is an energy surge driven by other underlying emotions. or when it seems like something isn’t happening fast enough. Notice how the word “enough” is the clue that points to the existence of the timeline.

Is impatience a form of anger?

Life is full of annoyances, and some people struggle more than others to be patient. It’s important to note that impatience can turn into anger, and can have a detrimental impact on your health. However, there are things you can do to stop impatience — or anger — in its tracks before it causes any harm.