What is the synonym of inkling?

inkling • \INK-ling\ • noun. 1 : a slight indication or suggestion : hint, clue 2 : a slight knowledge or vague notion.

What are antonyms for Smash?

What is the opposite of smash?

What is the antonym of yacht?

There are no categorical antonyms for yacht. The noun yacht is defined as: A slick and light ship for making pleasure trips or racing on water, having sails but often motor-powered. At times used as a residence offshore on a dock.

What is opposite word of temptation?

Opposite of a thing that attracts or tempts someone. discouragement. dislike. hate. hatred.

What is antonym for the word frequent?

Near Antonyms for frequent. episodic. (also episodical), occasional.

Is yawl a real word?

Noun. A small ship’s boat, usually rowed by four or six oars.

What is a huge boat called?

A yacht is a larger, recreational boat or ship. The word “Yacht” comes from Dutch origin and was originally defined as a light, and fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch navy to find and capture pirates.

What is the synonym of wicket?

synonyms: wicket door, wicket gate. type of: gate. a movable barrier in a fence or wall. small opening (like a window in a door) through which business can be transacted. synonyms: grille, lattice.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of Stern?

Some common synonyms of stern are ascetic, austere, and severe. While all these words mean “given to or marked by strict discipline and firm restraint,” stern stresses inflexibility and inexorability of temper or character.

Is Stern the opposite of lenient?

“The government’s measures were ineffective as they were too lax.”

What is the opposite of stern?

What is the antonyms of benediction?

The antonyms of the given word ‘Benediction’ are “affliction, bane, curse, evil, plague, scourge“. The antonym of the given word ‘Benediction’ is ‘Curse’ since both have the opposite meaning.

What is the sentence of Stern?

She issued a stern warning to those who persist in violence. He said stern measures would be taken against the killers. Michael gave the dog a stern look.

What is a stern person?

1 : hard and severe in nature or manner : very strict and serious a stern judge a stern warning. 2 : showing severe displeasure or disapproval The elder’s stern expression softened.—

What is a stern man?

Noun. sternman (plural sternmen) A person who sits at the stern or rear of a boat.