What is an antonym of intrusive?

Opposite of tending to interfere or pry into the affairs of others. unobtrusive. discreet. reserved. reticent.

What does non intrusive mean?

not intrusive Add to list Share. Definitions of not intrusive. adjective. not interfering or meddling.

What are some antonyms for obsessive?

antonyms for obsession
  • indifference.
  • dislike.
  • hate.
  • hatred.
  • reality.

What’s another word for non intrusive?

discreet, low-key, quiet, secretive, unobtrusive.

How do you use the word intrusive?

Examples of intrusive in a Sentence

a loud and intrusive person She tried to be helpful without being intrusive. Intrusive reporters disturbed their privacy. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘intrusive.

What does intrusive mean in science?

1. intruding or tending to intrude. Geology. designating or of igneous rock formed from magma that hardened while still within the earth, moon, etc.

What is an intrusive person?

: annoying someone by interfering with their privacy : intruding where you are not wanted or welcome. a loud and intrusive person.

Whats intrusive thoughts mean?

Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts that can pop into our heads without warning, at any time. They’re often repetitive – with the same kind of thought cropping up again and again – and they can be disturbing or even distressing.

What is an example of an intrusive thought?

You may have recurring worries about embarrassing yourself in front of other people. Your intrusive thoughts may be about shouting, saying, or doing something inappropriate in a public space. Sometimes the intrusive thoughts can be related to a past memory — like feeling embarrassed as a child.

What is an example of intrusion?

When you are having a quiet nap in your backyard and your neighbor’s dog comes in uninvited and jumps all over you to wake you up, this is an example of an intrusion. The forcible inclusion or entry of an external group or individual; the act of intruding.

What is obtrusive and intrusive?

To be intrusive is to involve oneself into the affairs of others, generally in an objectionable manner, tactlessly but not necessarily in a way that calls attention to oneself. To be obtrusive, by contrast, is to interfere without regard for propriety or subtlety. –

Can a person be obtrusive?

At the same time, someone who constantly corrects another in a conversation is being obtrusive. They are intentionally interrupting someone else with comments. Also, obtrusive is often used to describe a physical interference. For example, a billboard near a person’s home or the highway can be obtrusive.

What is law of intrusion?

Intrusion on seclusion rules apply when someone intentionally intrudes, physically or through electronic surveillance, upon the solitude or seclusion of another. Bugging laws vary by state. This photo depicts a telephone de-bugging meter that discovers any transmitter (bug) in the phone or in the lines leading to it.