What is opposite of Laden?

Bearing a physically heavy weight or load. Antonyms. unencumbered unburdened quiet unconcerned. loaded down burdened.

What is the synonym of Laden?

synonyms: oppressed burdened. bearing a heavy burden of work or difficulties or responsibilities. verb. fill or place a load on. synonyms: lade, load, load up.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What are antonyms for float?

antonyms for float
  • drown.
  • sink.

What does the name Laden mean?

German: from a shortened form of Ladengast ‘invite the guest’ a nickname for an innkeeper. German: from von der Laden a nickname for a joiner or for the keeper of a shrine or the chest of a guild from Middle Low German lade ‘chest’.

How do you use Laden in a sentence?

I came home laden with cardboard boxes. The following summer the peach tree was laden with fruit. We’re so laden with guilt. Many of their heavy industries are laden with debt.

What is antonyms of borrow?

antonyms for borrow
  • forfeit.
  • lose.
  • give.
  • lend.
  • pay.
  • return.

What is the antonym of either?

The opposite of either… or… is neither… nor….

What is the antonym of gentle?


1 harsh, cruel. 2 violent, sudden. 7 wild, unruly.

Which choice is the best synonym for the word Laden?

  • burden,
  • encumber,
  • freight,
  • lade,
  • load,
  • lumber,
  • saddle,
  • weight.

What is the meaning of Laden Laden?

carrying a load or burden
: carrying a load or burden. laden.

What is the synonym of laced?

threaded, wove. (or weaved), wreathed.

What is the synonym of burdened?

In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for burdened, like: cumbered, overcharged, privileged, , lightened, laden, loaded, taxed, heavy-laden, loaded down and unburdened.

Is Laiden a word?

LAIDEN is not a valid scrabble word.

What is the past tense of Laden?

Lade most often occurs in its past participle form laden, as shown in our examples. There is also the adjective laden, best distinguished from the verb by its placement before nouns, as in “laden ships” or “a laden heart.” (The adjective is also at work in hyphenated terms like sugar-laden.)

What is the meaning of fear Laden?

1 a feeling of distress, apprehension, or alarm caused by impending danger, pain, etc. 2 a cause of this feeling.

What is snow laden?

slang to deceive or overwhelm with elaborate often insincere talk.

What does salt laden mean?

Salt Laden Wood means any species of wood that has been soaked in salt water.

What leaden means?

dull gray
Definition of leaden

1a : made of lead. b : of the color of lead : dull gray. 2a : oppressively heavy. b : sluggish.

What is the meaning of snow clad?

(ˈsnəʊkʌvəd ) or snow-clad (ˈsnəʊˌklæd ) adjective. covered or topped with fallen snow. a Swiss chalet set in the snow-covered hills.

What is laden food?

: loaded heavily with something : having or carrying a large amount of something. a richly/heavily laden buffet table [=a buffet table on which there is a large amount of food] sugar-laden junk food.