What is an antonym for leaf?

ˈliːf) A sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book). Antonyms. recto idle natural object uncover unfold switch on disengage.

What is synonym and antonym of leaves?

escape, retreat (from), take off (from), vacate, withdraw (from)

What are synonyms for leaves?

Synonyms for leaves. breaks, holidays. [chiefly British], hols.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is another word for leaves on a tree?

noun foliage
The noun foliage refers to leaves — either individual leaves or the collective leafy canopy of many trees or plants.

Is leaves a correct word?

Leaves is the plural form of leaf, and the third person singular form of the present tense of leave.

What is the synonym of rose or leaf?

Synonyms for rose-leaf in English

rose-petal; rose-leaf.

What is the synonym of eggplant?

What is another word for eggplant?
brinjalbrown jolly

What does Fronded mean?

A leaf of a fern. 2. A large compound leaf of a palm. 3. A leaflike thallus, as of a seaweed or lichen.

Is foliage another name for leaves?

Foliage refers to the leaves collectively, as in “fall foliage,” whereas the shoot system refers to the leaves, stem, flower, and fruit jointly. A leaf is a vascular plant stem’s main appendage, usually borne laterally aboveground and adapted for photosynthesis.

What is another name for cucumber?

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a widely-cultivated creeping vine plant in the Cucurbitaceae family that bears usually cylindrical fruits, which are used as culinary vegetables.
Species:C. sativus
Binomial name
Cucumis sativus L.

What is colour of brinjal?

A cross between plants with a deep purpled fruit and a white fruit produces the following progeny in the F2 generation: 45 deep purple, 90 violet and 45 white brinjal plants. Following are the genetic basis of fruit colour in the brinjal, except. A.

What colour is aubergine?

dark purple
Aubergine, or eggplant, is a dark purple or brownish-purple colour that resembles the colour of the outer skin of European eggplants.

What does cucumber girl mean?

The influencer also wrote a short message in her post’s caption where she referred to Kendall as her ‘cucumber girl,’ which served as a reference to an episode of The Kardashians where the model appeared to have difficulty in cutting a vegetable.

Are pickles a vegetable?

Technically, pickles may be considered both a fruit and a vegetable. While they are made from cucumbers, which are a vegetable, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled them a “fruit of the vine” because of their seeds.

Is cucumber a slang?

‘Cucumber’ is an old slang term for a tailor. It derives from ‘Cucumber Time’ – or high summer – when orders were few and tailors could enjoy a holiday.

What does 🥒 mean in texting?

Who uses 🥒 Cucumber emoji? Social-media posts featuring salads, sushi rolls, and sexy pics are all places you might find the cucumber emoji. In texting, it’s as popular as the eggplant in representing male genitalia.

What does it mean to be as cool as a cucumber?

very calm
idiom. very calm or very calmly, especially when this is surprising: She walked in as cool as a cucumber, as if nothing had happened. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Calm and relaxed.