What is the antonym of leg?

ˈlɛg) A part of a forked or branching shape. Antonyms. rise recede ascend linger stay in place precede descend. subfigure bifurcation ramification brachium forking. leg (English)

What is the synonym of leg?

Explore ‘leg’ in the dictionary. 1 (noun) in the sense of limb. Synonyms. limb. lower limb.

What are the 5 antonyms?

Antonym examples:
  • Admire – Detest.
  • Bravery – Cowardice.
  • Crooked – Straight.
  • Dainty – Clumsy.
  • Economise – Waste.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is the leg?

Generally, the leg is the entire lower limb of the human body, including the foot, thigh and even the hip or gluteal region. The leg is composed of five distinct sections: upper leg, knee, lower leg, ankle, and foot.

What is the first leg?

the first segment of a journey; the first flight of a multiflight trip.

What are the parts of legs?

Parts of Leg Muscles
  • Upper Leg Muscles: Upper leg muscles consist of hamstrings, quadriceps and adductors. …
  • The Knee: The knee connects the upper leg and lower legs. …
  • The Lower Leg: The lower leg consists of five types of muscles namely, gastrocnemius, soleus, plantaris, tibialis muscles and peroneus muscles.

What is the synonym of Shank?

rapier, saber. (or sabre), steel, sword.

What is the synonym of foot?

nouna subsidiary part, as a limb. arm. extremity. foot. hand.

What is the synonyms word of ledge?

What is another word for ledge?

What is a leg shank?

Your shanks are your shins, the lower part of your leg. It hurts like crazy to bang your shank on the edge of a coffee table. Shank comes from a Germanic source related to Schenkel, or “thigh.” It’s most common to talk about shanks in terms of meat, like lamb shanks or beef shanks, rather than your own shins.

What is the antonym of shank?

noun. ( ˈʃæŋk) Cylinder forming a long narrow part of something. Antonyms. start let uncover odd-toed ungulate even-toed ungulate enlist unguiculate. stem key ground tackle anchor handle.

What does shank you mean?

The word “shank” is used in a prison sense. It is a verb meaning to stab someone with a home-made implement.

What is beef leg called?

Round. The cow’s entire hind leg (which includes the butt, ham, and thigh) is known as the beef round. Round roasts, steaks and the London broil all come from this area, as do sirloin tip roast and sirloin tip center steak. Marinating before cooking helps tenderize round cuts of beef.

What part of body is shank?

Definition of shank. Anatomy. the part of the lower limb in humans between the knee and the ankle; leg.

Where is a shank?

Located beneath the brisket, shank meat is cut from the leg above the knee to the shoulder or hip. The former is the cut for the forelegs and the latter for the hind legs. Because this area is full of connective tissue, the meat is quite tough. The shank is a small cut compared to the other primal cuts.

How old is a mutton?

Mutton refers to the flesh of the mature ram or ewe at least one year old; the meat of sheep between 12 and 20 months old may be called yearling mutton.

Is lamb a pork?

Lamb comes from sheep and pork comes from pigs, therefore, they are not the same meat type. Like beef, pork and lamb are also red meat, probably, that’s why this confusion arose. Since both lamb and pork come from different animals, they can be considered the same.

What animal is steak?

When people say “steak,” they usually mean beef, which is meat from the cow.

What is baby lamb called?

Sheep A baby sheep is called a lamb. A ewe can have a single lamb or twins. Triplets sometimes occur. Goats A baby goat is called a kid.

Is lamb halal in Islam?

Beef, lamb, chicken, fish, venison, and game birds can all be halal. The only prohibited animals are pigs and reptiles. The slaughter of a halal animal is called “zabihah” and there are certain guidelines to follow: Allah’s (God’s) name must be pronounced during slaughter.