What’s another word for living quarters?

Hypernym for Living quarters:

fo’c’sle, accommodation, dormitory, harem, forecastle, digs, diggings, student residence, hall, domiciliation, dorm, residence hall, hareem, pad, seraglio, serail, lodgings, military quarters.

What are living quarters?

Definition of living quarters

: the rooms where a person lives He gave me a tour of his living quarters.

What are antonyms for grasp?

antonyms for grasp
  • avoidance.
  • ignorance.
  • misconception.
  • misunderstanding.
  • release.

What is grasping synonym?

Some common synonyms of grasp are clutch, grab, seize, snatch, and take. While all these words mean “to get hold of by or as if by catching up with the hand,” grasp stresses a laying hold so as to have firmly in possession. grasp the handle and pull.

Why is it called living quarters?

The origin of ‘quarter’ with the meaning of ‘living quarter’ comes from the French verb écarter, which means ‘to separate’ or ‘to set apart’. In the military context ‘living quarters’ are those areas of a military compound/base, which are designated for accommodation.

What you mean by quarter?

: one of four equal parts into which something can be divided. a quarter of an hour. Cut the pie into quarters. : a United States coin worth 25 cents.

What is Graps?

1. to seize and hold by or as if by clasping with the fingers or arms. 2. to seize upon; hold firmly.

Is Crasp a word?

Currently, five complement regulatory associated surface proteins (CRASPs) expressed by B.

CRASPComplement Regulators Acquiring Surface Protein

What is the meaning of grapping?

1a : the act or an instance of grappling. b : a hand-to-hand struggle locked in a desperate grapple with his foe. c : a contest for superiority or mastery their grapple with tyranny. 2 : an instrument for grabbing or gripping something: such as. a : a bucket (as on an excavating machine) having hinged jaws.

What is a quarter house?

In French Louisiana in the 18th century, the dwelling of a laborer on a sugar plantation.

How many dwellers does a living quarter have?

200 dwellers
The hard limit for population is 200, anything above that will be capped and be a waste of space. After reaching the population limit of 200 dwellers, no more Living Quarters can be built.

What are private quarters?

Private quarters means living quarters that are furnished, are separate from the clients and from any other staff members, have as a minimum the same furnishings available to clients, such.

What is Quarter building?

DEFINITIONS1. rooms or buildings for people to live in. Synonyms and related words. Buildings where people live or stay. adobe.

How do you get a legendary child in fallout shelter?

Notes: Parents’ total SPECIAL must be 134 or higher to have a chance at a legendary child. Parents’ total SPECIAL must be 122 or higher to have a chance at a rare child. Two fully maxed out parents (SPECIAL 140) will have a ~6.6% chance of producing a legendary child, and a ~13.3% chance of producing a rare child.

Can you merge overseer’s office?

Only one can exist in each vault at any one time and once one is built, it will disappear from the build menu unless destroyed. If one needs to move the overseer’s office, they can destroy and rebuild it without any impact on the current quest set or currently questing dwellers.

How do I protect my vault in fallout shelter?

Should I put dwellers in the storage room?

No, you do not need to have a dweller in a Storage Room.

Can you breed legendary dwellers?