What does it mean to moan softly?

2. intransitive/transitive ︎ if someone moans, they make a long low sound because of pain, sadness, or pleasure. She moaned softly as he touched her. James continued to moan loudly as the pain intensified.

What are some moan words?

  • groan,
  • howl,
  • keen,
  • lament,
  • lamentation,
  • plaint,
  • wail.

What is a short moan?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : lamentation, complaint … made a great moan if he had to work …— D. H. Lawrence. 2 : a low prolonged sound of pain or of grief a moan of distress.

What does a weird moan mean?

moan. / (məʊn) / noun. a low prolonged mournful sound expressive of suffering or pleading.

What’s the difference between a moan and a groan?

A groan is a brief, strong, deep-throated sound emitted involuntarily under pressure of pain or suffering: The wounded man groaned when they lifted him. A moan is a prolonged, more or less continuous, low, inarticulate sound indicative of suffering, either physical or mental: She was moaning after the operation.

How do you express a moan over text?

Combine a descriptor and a sound for best effect – for example, “needy moan,” “pleased hum,” or “sudden scream.” You can even use two: “low, rough grunt,” “sweet little cry,” “desperate, filthy noise,” as long as you don’t repeat a word that means the same thing, unless you really want to emphasize it.

What is the opposite of moaning?

Opposite of a long and low sound. exultation. rejoicing. compliment. joy.

What does it mean when a person moans?

Moan is defined as to complain or grieve about something or to utter a low, long sound of pain. An example of moan is to express extreme sorrow about a death in the family. An example of moan is for a person to make a pained sound when having a stomach ache. verb. 4.

How do you use moan in a sentence?

The wounded people were moaning. Unable to speak, she moaned. He again apologises, this time for his long moan, and asks advice.

What does the word whinge mean?

to complain fretfully
Definition of whinge

intransitive verb. British. : to complain fretfully : whine.

What is winging slang for?

To wing it is an idiom that means to do something without proper preparation or time to rehearse. People often talk about winging it when they have to do something difficult that they didn’t have time to practice— like a make speech or give a presentation.

Why do British people say whinging?

Though Americans use only one word, “whine,” the British use both: “whining” covers a variety of meanings, including sounds made by people, animals, or inanimate objects, and “whingeing” (also spelled “whinging”) is more specifically for peevish or fretful complaining.

What does winging mean in Australia?

Whinge means to complain or whine. Whinge is primarily used in the U.K. and Australia. Like whine, whinge can mean to make a whining noise (often as part of complaining), or to complain with such a tone, or simply to complain in a way that’s considered annoying.

What does Minge mean in UK?

the female genitals
minge in British English

(mɪndʒ ) noun British vulgar, slang. 1. the female genitals.

What is a Windger?

a person who complains repeatedly: His friend Jon is such a whinger.

What is a whinger in Australia?

Whinger conveys disapproval for a person who complains excessively and without validity, expressing that stoicism and fortitude are valued.

What is a Wally in Australia?

Wally is a wallaby. The stuffed toy version of the mascot is carried with the Wallabies on overseas tours to Europe. It then becomes the duty of the youngest member of the touring party to protect the mascot from pranks by older players to hide and sabotage it.