What is the opposite of modernized?

(also kaputt), obsolete, outmoded, outworn, unmodernized.

What is the opposite of modernization?

Opposite of the act of restoring something to a former or original condition. neglect. dilapidation. disrepair.

What is the best antonym for modern?

antonyms for modern
  • old.
  • old-fashioned.
  • past.
  • ancient.
  • antiquated.
  • obsolete.
  • outdated.
  • passé

What is the opposite word of Modern modern?

Ancient means the opposite of ‘modern’ as the former refers to the old whereas the latter refers to the new.

What’s another word for modernization?

innovation, modern, modernism, reconstruction, regeneration, rejuvenation, revamp, refurbishment, refurbishing, streamlining, retrofitting, revamping.

What is the synonym of Modernise?

gentrify. give a new look to. go over. mend. modernize.

What does it mean by modernization?

Modernization is the process of updating something or making it work in a contemporary setting. The modernization of an office might include new computers, high-speed internet, and a fancy espresso machine.

What is an example of modernization?

Technology makes it possible for a more innovative society and broad social change. That dramatic change through the centuries that has evolved socially, industrially, and economically, can be summed up by the term modernization. Cell phones, for example, have changed the lives of millions throughout the world.

What does it mean to be modernized?

To modernize is to adjust or improve something, especially in a way that uses new technology. You might modernize your grandmother’s kitchen by buying her a microwave and an espresso machine. When you modernize something, you bring it up to date.

Which is correct Modernisation or modernization?

modernisation, modernise

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What is the role of modernization?

Modernization refers to those social changes which emerge through institutions and organizations like those found in different societies. Generally, we can say evolution of such change in a society is similar to changes taking place in other societies. This new set-up changes the mindset of the people of the society.

What is impact of modernization?

As societies modernize, the individual becomes increasingly important, gradually replacing the family, community, or occupational group as the basic unit of society. Division of labour, characteristic of industrialization, is also applied to institutions, which become more highly specialized.

How do you use modernization in a sentence?

1) International competition is a spur to modernization. 2) She glossed over the company’s fall in profits, focusing instead on her plans for investment and modernization. 3) Modernization is the key to speed up our agricultural development. 4) The modernization of the industry was phased over at 20 – year period.

What are the problems of modernisation?

The following are some of the problems of modernisation:

(1) The first paradox of modernisation is that a modern society must change in all ways at once but such a regular, coordinated pattern of growth cannot be conceivably planned. A certain amount of social unrest is, therefore, inevitably created.

What are negative effects of modernization?

Negative health impacts of modernization include increased poverty as extended family support and traditional knowledge are lost, poor nutrition due to deterioration in the quantity and quality of land deteriorates, health consequences of increased high density living in city slums, increased sexually transmitted …

What are the four stages of modernization?

In other words, all societies, once engaged in the modernization process, follow a predetermined sequence of developmental stages: traditional economies, transition to takeoff, takeoff itself, drive to maturity, age of high consumption, and postindustrial society (Chirot and Hall, 1982: 82).

What are weaknesses of modernization theory?

Perhaps the most crippling weakness of the modernization theory is its oversimplified view of social change (Coetzee et al., 2007: 101). Human nature has a propensity to resist change in favour of the status quo. Change is resisted because it brings in elements of uncertainty.

What are the five factors of modernization?

Factors of Modernization:

A number of factors are involved in modernization i.e., education, mass communication, ideology, values and attitude, growth of knowledge and science.