What is the synonym of monolithic?

Synonyms of ‘monolithic’ in British English

They viewed him as stubborn, inflexible and dogmatic. rigid. rigid plastic containers. impenetrable. intractable.

What are Antonyms for Fusion?

antonyms for fusion
  • division.
  • separation.
  • disconnection.

What is the opposite of monotheism?

Polytheism is the belief or doctrine that there are multiple gods or deities. Like monotheism, the word polytheism can be used in the context of specific religions (such as Hinduism) or outside of formal religion. A person who believes in multiple gods can be called a polytheist. The adjective form is polytheistic.

What is the synonym and antonym for feeble?

Some common synonyms of feeble are decrepit, fragile, frail, infirm, and weak. While all these words mean “not strong enough to endure strain, pressure, or strenuous effort,” feeble suggests extreme weakness inviting pity or contempt. a feeble attempt to walk.

What is a similar word to fused?

Some common synonyms of fuse are amalgamate, blend, coalesce, commingle, merge, mingle, and mix. While all these words mean “to combine into a more or less uniform whole,” fuse stresses oneness and indissolubility of the resulting product.

How do you use Fusion in a sentence?

a fusion of different methods a fusion of musical styles The show is a fusion of news and entertainment. The fusion of different cultural influences is evident in her sculpture.

What is fusion chemistry?

Fusion occurs when two atoms slam together to form a heavier atom, like when two hydrogen atoms fuse to form one helium atom. This is the same process that powers the sun and creates huge amounts of energy—several times greater than fission.

What is another name for fusion cuisine?

Instead, they’ll tiptoe around the term, calling their handiwork “mash-ups,” “globally inspired” or simply “modern-American,” the phrase employed to describe the Korean- and Italian-inflected menu at the elegant new Piora in Manhattan’s West Village.

What is a sentence for fission?

He told us that nuclear fission produces heat, from heat you get steam and from steam you get electricity. At any rate, this country is ahead when it comes to nuclear fission processes. Everyone is agreed that by means of nuclear fission we can produce electricity as economically as from any other source.

How do you use infamy in a sentence?

1 : an evil reputation He earned infamy for his crimes. 2 : an evil or terrible act The people suffered the infamies of their ruler.

How do you use superb in a sentence?

Example Sentences

They’ve done a superb job. The performance was absolutely superb.

What does the word Fisson mean?

or process of splitting into parts
n. 1. The act or process of splitting into parts. 2. A nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus, especially a heavy nucleus, such as an isotope of uranium, splits into fragments, usually two fragments of comparable but unequal mass, and releases a few neutrons and about 100 million electron volts of energy.

What is fission simple?

Definition of fission

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a splitting or breaking up into parts. 2 : reproduction by spontaneous division of the body into two or more parts each of which grows into a complete organism.

What is fission in short answer?

Fission, in biology, is the division of a single entity into two or more parts and the regeneration of those parts into separate entities resembling the original. The object experiencing fission is usually a cell, but the term may also refer to how organisms, bodies, populations, or species split into discrete parts.

What is fusion and fission?

The main difference between these two processes is that fission is the splitting of an atom into two or more smaller ones while fusion is the fusing of two or more smaller atoms into a larger one. Nuclear Fission. Fission reaction does not normally occur in nature.

What is the definition of Fissiparous?

Definition of fissiparous

: tending to break or split up into parts : divisive fissiparous tendencies within a political party.