What is another word for natural resources?

synonyms for natural resource
  • raw material.
  • timber.
  • water.
  • mineral deposit.
  • natural deposit.

What is not a natural resource?

Petrol, metals, soil, sand, wind, water and everything in between are natural resources. Manufactured items such as plastic, sheet metal, fabrics, microchips, electricity and concrete are not natural resources, but are most definitely derived from natural resources.

Is artificial The opposite of natural?

Natural is the antonym of the word Artificial. Hence, this is the correct option.

What are the opposite words?

An antonym is a word that is the opposite of another word.

Below are some examples:
  • ‘Hot’ is the antonym/opposite of ‘cold. ‘
  • ‘Up’ is the antonym/opposite of ‘down. ‘
  • ‘Happy’ is the antonym/opposite of ‘sad. ‘

What is another word for natural?


11 spontaneous, unaffected, genuine, unmannered.

What’s another word for all natural?

What is another word for all-natural?
unintoxicatedfree of alcohol
not drinkingperiod of abstinence

What did the word natural means?

Natural describes something that comes from nature, rather than being man-made. Your healthy friend who only eats natural food will probably choose carrots instead of potato chips for a snack. The adjective natural is a common word with a lot of meanings.

What is the meaning of natural and unnatural?

Comparing our perception of natural, usually relating to something good, untouched, and right, to something unnatural, usually something bad, tainted, or wrong.

Is Naturality a real word?

Naturality definition

The condition of being natural; nature, naturalness.

Does natural mean normal?

natural adjective (EXPECTED)

normal or expected: Of course you’re upset – it’s only natural. It’s natural that you should feel anxious when you first leave home.

What is the prefix of natural?

Answer: Unnatural adds the “not” prefix un- to natural, which comes from the Latin word naturalis, “by birth,” or “according to nature.”

What part of speech is nature?

NATURE (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the noun form of natural?

Adjective. naturalness \ ˈna-​ch(ə-​)rəl-​nəs \ noun.

What is the verb form of nature?

The verb form of ‘nature’ is ‘naturalise‘.

Is Silent an abstract noun?

Silence, a concrete noun as a term for a situation noticed by hearing or by instruments as a lack of sound, is a related term.

What is nature one word?

3a : disposition, temperament it was his nature to look after others— F. A. Swinnerton her romantic nature. b : the inherent character or basic constitution (see constitution sense 2) of a person or thing : essence the nature of the controversy. 4a : humankind’s original or natural condition.

What kind of noun is love?

love. [uncountable] a strong feeling of deep affection for someone or something, especially a member of your family or a friend a mother’s love for her children love of your country He seems incapable of love.

What is a concrete and abstract noun?

A concrete noun refers to a physical object in the real world, such as a dog, a ball, or an ice cream cone. An abstract noun refers to an idea or concept that does not exist in the real world and cannot be touched, like freedom, sadness, or permission.

How do you write an abstract noun?

Forming abstract nouns with suffixes

To describe the general state of relaxing, add the suffix -ation to make the abstract noun relaxation. The adjective good takes the suffix -ness to become the abstract noun goodness. The concrete noun friend needs -ship to make the abstract noun friendship.