What is the Antonyms for ordered?

  • denied,
  • disallowed,
  • refused,
  • rejected,
  • vetoed.

What is another word for ordered pairs?

Ordered pairs are also called 2-tuples, or sequences (sometimes, lists in a computer science context) of length 2. Ordered pairs of scalars are sometimes called 2-dimensional vectors.

What is the antonym of pair?

What is the opposite of pair?

What is the antonym of ordering?

What is the opposite of order?

What is an ordered pair in math called?

Ordered pair usually refers to a set of two numbers used to locate a point in a coordinate plane. When an ordered pair refers to the location of a point in the coordinate plane, they are called the coordinates of the point.

What is ordered pair and unordered pair?

In mathematics, an unordered pair or pair set is a set of the form {a, b}, i.e. a set having two elements a and b with no particular relation between them, where {a, b} = {b, a}. In contrast, an ordered pair (a, b) has a as its first element and b as its second element, which means (a, b) ≠ (b, a).

What are the other names for pair?

Synonyms of pair
  • brace,
  • couple,
  • couplet,
  • duo,
  • dyad,
  • twain,
  • twosome.

What is the other name of ordered?

Some common synonyms of order are arrange, marshal, methodize, organize, and systematize.

Why are they called ordered pairs?

An ordered pair, as its name suggests, is a pair of elements that have specific importance for the order of their placements. Ordered pairs are usually used in coordinate geometry to represent a point on a coordinate plane.

What are word pairs called?

Certain words go together like bread and water. Bread and water is an example of a word pair that is always used in that order. In other words, we don’t say water and bread. This type of word pair is called nonreversible. In many ways, they are like collocations — words that usually go together.

What is mean of ordered?

1 : to put in order : arrange The books are ordered alphabetically by author. 2a : to give an order to : command They ordered everyone out of the house. b : destine, ordain so ordered by the gods. c : to command to go or come to a specified place ordered back to the base.

What is the difference between ordered and an ordered list?

Unordered list — Used to create a list of related items, in no particular order. Ordered list — Used to create a list of related items, in a specific order.

What does so ordered mean?

A term used in case law and written at the end of a case or order of a court indicating or emphasizing that the preceding case or order is in fact ordered by the court.

Why list is ordered?

why is list ordered and map/set are unordered?? An ordered collection means that the elements of the collection have a specific order. The order is independent of the value. A List is an example.

What is ordered in math?

Putting things into their correct place following some rule. In this picture the shapes are in order of how many sides they have. Another example: put the numbers {3, 12, 5, 2, 9} into order from highest to lowest. Start at the highest (12) and go down: {12, 9, 5, 3, 2}

What is the ordered number?

An order number also called purchase number or ID order is a number that identifies a purchase or order placed by a buyer. Marketplaces and e-commerce websites assign an order number to every order to keep track of it.

Why set is not ordered?

The Set interface does not provide any ordering guarantees. Its sub-interface SortedSet represents a set that is sorted according to some criterion. In Java 6, there are two standard containers that implement SortedSet . They are TreeSet and ConcurrentSkipListSet .

Are sets ordered?

A set isn’t ordered unless you supply an ordering. A set on its own is not an ordered set. So the natural numbers is not an ordered set. The natural numbers with the standard < is an ordered set.