Which is the exact opposite of the word patchy?

Patchy means non uniform so the opposite should be the uniform. Uniform:- Irregular or uneven in quality, texture, etc.

What does it mean by patchy?

1 : marked by, consisting of, or diversified with patches. 2 : irregular in appearance, makeup, or quality.

What are antonyms for scattered?

antonyms for scattered
  • connected.
  • together.
  • united.
  • assembled.
  • concentrated.
  • condensed.
  • gathered.
  • organized.

What is a synonym and antonym for sparse?

Some common synonyms of sparse are meager, scanty, scant, skimpy, and spare. While all these words mean “falling short of what is normal, necessary, or desirable,” sparse implies a thin scattering of units.

What is the synonym of patchy?

adj.spotty, not consistent.

What means patchy rain?

happening or existing in small areas: patchy rain/fog.

How do you use patchy in a sentence?

Examples of patch in a Sentence

Verb The fence needs to be patched. They patched him into the conference call.

How do I make my Sims 4 patchy?

Patchy the Straw Man is an object and holiday NPC introduced in The Sims 4: Seasons. He can be bought from build mode and will help tend to your garden once you have grown a relationship.

Is Patchy a name?

The original Gaelic form of the name Patchy is Mac Giolla Phadraig, denoting a devotee of St. Patrick. This is the only native-Irish surname with the prefix “Fitz”, as all others descend from the Normans.

Is pachy a word?

Pachy- (prefix): Thick. As in pachydactyly (thick fingers), pachydermatous (thick fingers) and pachyonychia (thick nails). From the Greek pachys, thick.

Can you Woohoo patchy?

You can woohoo patchy, but can’t take it much further than that. Patchy will visit for about 5 hours when he does. This gives you time to interact with Patchy in a more meaningful way.

Can you have a kid with patchy?

Just letting everyone know, since most people arent aware, you can woohoo with Patchy AND have a child with him! My sim is pregnant with a baby by Patchy.

Can you WooHoo with Father Winter?

Having Father Winter’s Baby – Woohoo with Santa

When he visits for Winterfest, it’s possible to seduce him and Try for Baby. It may take multiple years to succeed at Try for Baby if your Sim isn’t very outgoing, but with preparation it’s possible to do it in one night.

Can you get pregnant by a ghost Sims 4?

Ghosts in The Sims 4, regardless of age or gender are unable to conceive a baby. There is no “Try for baby” interaction for ghost-ghost or ghost-sim couples. The only ways to get a ghost child is to create one in CAS through ghost parents or getting the “death” outcome when wishing for a child at the wishing well.

How do you befriend patchy?

How often does patchy come to life?

Now that Patchy has a great relationship with the Sim, he will detach from his tree and come to life. Everyday at 1pm, Patchy will stick around for a few hours to help Sims tend to their gardens. Have some overgrown weeds and dehydrated plants? Patchy will take care of it all.

Can you be born without blood?

“In reality, the term ‘ghost-baby’ and description of ‘being born without any blood’ are not really accurate,” she said. “I have definitely seen many cases of feto-maternal hemorrhage and while this particular case is very severe, babies can absolutely survive.”

What happens when a pregnant Sim dies?

Miscarriage per se does not occur in The Sims 2, but if a pregnant Sim dies, the baby will effectively be lost, as in the case of Olivia Monty’s unborn baby. Family members will not get a memory of losing the baby, only the Sim who died. If the pregnant Sim is resurrected, their pregnancy will continue as normal.