What is the opposite of peremptory?

autocratic. bossy. dominating. domineering. high-and-mighty.

What is a synonym of peremptory?

Some common synonyms of peremptory are domineering, imperative, imperious, and masterful. While all these words mean “tending to impose one’s will on others,” peremptory implies an abrupt dictatorial manner coupled with an unwillingness to brook disobedience or dissent.

What is an example of peremptory?

The definition of peremptory is demanding people do things your way and do them now or a final judgment or decision, especially one made by a court. An example of peremptory is when someone says “Come over here right now!” An example of peremptory is when a court rules on an issue and hands down judgment.

What is meant by peremptory in law?

Peremptory means final and absolute, without needing any underlying justification. For example, English law, in the Arbitration Act section 41(5), allows tribunals to summarily issue “peremptory orders,” without elaboration, to compel non-complying parties to comply with a binding arbitration result.

What does not peremptory mean?

1a : putting an end to or precluding a right of action, debate, or delay specifically : not providing an opportunity to show cause why one should not comply a peremptory mandamus. b : admitting of no contradiction.

How do you say peremptorily?

What is another word for peremptory demand?

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How do you use peremptory in a sentence?

Peremptory sentence example. His reply was peremptory and indignant. The father appears to have been somewhat peremptory in temper, but neither inhospitable nor tyrannical. It was Castlereagh that led the opposition to these almost peremptory demands of Alexander.

How do you use peremptorily in a sentence?

There have been complaints in the past about pregnant women and sick people being peremptorily removed. The right peremptorily to challenge one juror would be derisory. To get over the difficulty various expedients were discussed, but no agreement had been come to when we were peremptorily summoned home.

What is peremptory hearing?

A.Peremptory means final or absolute. Usually used to refer to a hearing date. A peremptory hearing date is generally a date that cannot be changed. A hearing date may be made peremptory on a specific litigant if the court feels that the litigant has been unduly delaying a proceeding.

Why are peremptory challenges important?

Peremptory challenges enable litigants to remove otherwise qualified prospective jurors from the jury panel without any showing of cause, and accordingly, are often exercised on the basis of race.

What does it mean to use a peremptory challenge?

A peremptory challenge results in the exclusion of a potential juror without the need for any reason or explanation – unless the opposing party presents a prima facie argument that this challenge was used to discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, or sex.

Is it peremptory or Preemptory?

“Peremptory” (meaning “imperative” ) is often misspelled and mispronounced “preemptory” through confusion caused by the influence of the verb “preempt,” whose adjectival form is actually “preemptive.” BUY THE BOOK!

What is a peremptory adjournment?

the adjournment is granted on a “peremptory” basis, which means that no further adjournment requests will be granted to the party that requested the adjournment, or, to either party, except in the most exceptional circumstances or where the other party consents to the subsequent adjournment request; and.

What is the difference between a challenge for cause and peremptory challenge?

There are certain legal grounds for which a juror might be excused, called a challenge for cause, and each side may excuse a certain number of jurors, called a peremptory challenge.

What does the word preemptively mean?

or pre-emp·tive·ly

as a measure taken against something anticipated or feared; preventively:Knowing I’d be practicing piano for hours every day, I preemptively left polite notes for the upstairs and downstairs neighbors—with cookies attached—apologizing for the noise. Bridge.

How do you spell Preemptory?

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