What is the antonym of race?

What is the opposite of race?

What are antonyms for horse?

What is the opposite of horse?
field mouse

What is a word that means race horse?

as in trotter, warhorse.

What is the opposite of a dark horse?

What’s the opposite of a dark horse? A bright donkey? A radiant mule? Because that’s what Turkey are playing like so far.

What is opposite word?

Definitions of opposite word. a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other. synonyms: antonym, opposite.

What gender is horse?

In horse: Form and function. …male horse is called a stallion, the female a mare. A stallion used for breeding is known as a stud. A castrated stallion is commonly called a gelding. Formerly, stallions were employed as riding horses, while mares were kept for breeding purposes only.

What is the synonym of horse?

Synonyms of horse
  • equine,
  • nag,
  • steed.

What is the opposite of a dog?

In general, adjectives and adverbs have opposite meanings, that is, words reporting quality and quantity often have opposite words. Opposites of Dog; gentleman. hero.

Whats another name for a horse?

What is another word for horse?

What is the synonym of hoarse?

adjective. deep and harsh sounding as if from shouting or illness or emotion. “hoarse cries” synonyms: gruff, husky cacophonic, cacophonous.

What is the opposite of a cat?

S3: We saw before that cat had two opposites: dog and mouse.

What is the opposite of Tiger?

Tigress is Opposite of Tiger. 1 Upvotes 0 Downvotes. October 02, 2018. 0.

What is the opposite of Lion?

The opposite gender of a lion is a lioness.

What is the opposite of pig?

In the Chinese zodiac the opposite of a pig is a snake.

What gender is a cat?

The opening just under the tail is the anus. Below the anus is the genital opening which is round in males and is a vertical slit in females. In kittens of similar size, the distance between the anus and the genital opening is greater in the male than the female.

What is the opposite word of cow?

Bulls are the opposite gender or the male counterparts of the cow.

What is the opposite of goose?

The female Goose is referred to as Goose, whilst the male Gander is referred to as Gander.

What are female pigs called?

Sow- adult female pig Boar-adult male pig Gilt- young female pig, has not had a litter of pigs yet Barrow- castrated male pig Piglet- young pig/just born Litter- group of piglets birthed by one sow Page 3 Common Terms A.I.

Who eats pork?

Worldwide pork consumption
United States9,0138,654

What is the opposite of Fox?

What is the opposite of fox?

What gender is widow?

A widow is a woman whose spouse has died; a widower is a man whose spouse has died.

What is the opposite of Swan?

The word swan typically refers to waterfowl of the genus Cygnus. There are no categorical antonyms for this word. However, one could loosely use any birds unrelated to the swan as antonyms, e.g., chicken, turkey, etc.

What is opposite of the duck?

Thus, the opposite of Ducks is Drakes.