What are the antonyms of raised?

antonyms for raised
  • lowered.
  • reduced.
  • taken down.

What is the synonym of raised?

heightened, high, increased, jacked (up), up.

What is the antonyms of rise above?

diminish, dominate, hinder, overshadow, eclipse, outpace, outstrip, top, beat, excel, outdistance, outdo, outmatch, outperform, outplay, outrun, outshine, conquer, crush, overpower.

What is opposite word?

Definitions of opposite word. a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other. synonyms: antonym, opposite.

Where were you raised meaning?

You were raised (or, as I would say, brought up) in a place if you spent most of your childhood there. You don’t have to have lived there until you came of age.

What is the meaning of born and raised?

Both born and raised in the same particular place; having lived in one’s birthplace through one’s adolescence. The phrase implies that one’s identity has been shaped by the place. I may live in California now, but I’m a Texas gal, born and raised!

What is the antonym of rest?

Opposite of an instance or period of resting. alertness. wakefulness. attention. attentiveness.

Have been raised or has been raised?

But for your purposes I think all that matters is you should use “has been raised” if you want to imply that the question continues to be raised. If it was only raised several times in the past, but not recently (and you don’t expect it to be raised again), then use simple past “was raised”.

What is the antonym of Excel?

What is the opposite of excel?
be unsuccessfulfall flat
lack successnot succeed
screw upflunk

Is the opposite of modern?

The word ‘modern’ means present. So, the opposite of it would mean something corresponding to the past. The word ‘traditional’ means something that has been accepted or coming down from the past. Therefore, the opposite word is ‘traditional’ and option a is the correct option.

What is the nearly opposite of Never?

What are the antonyms of never? The antonyms of never are always, forever, generally, ever, again and again, etc.

What are antonyms for conduct?

antonyms for conduct
  • mismanagement.
  • disorganization.
  • disregard.
  • ignorance.
  • neglect.

What are antonyms for fragment?

What is the opposite of fragment?

How do you pronounce excel?