What is the opposite of rank and file?

Near Antonyms for rank and file. gentility, gentlefolk.

What is another word for rank and file?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rank-and-file, like: infantry, privates, general membership, general public, commonalty, masses, ranks, soldier, troops, commoner and member.

What is the antonym of file?

What is the opposite of file?
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What is the idiom of rank and file?

Definition of the rank and file

1 : the people in the army, navy, air force, etc., who are not officers. 2 : the members of a group or organization who are not leaders The rank and file is/are unhappy with the chairman’s decision.

What are rank and file members called?

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Crossword answers for RANK-AND-FILE MEMBERS.
Rank-and-file members (10)GRASS ROOTS
Rand-and-file members (10)

How do you use rank and file in a sentence?

1. The party’s rank and file are beginning to question the prime minister’s choice of advisers. 2. There was widespread support for him among the rank and file.

What is the synonym of the word rank?

Frequently Asked Questions About rank

Some common synonyms of rank are fetid, fusty, malodorous, musty, noisome, putrid, and stinking. While all these words mean “bad-smelling,” rank suggests a strong unpleasant smell. rank cigar smoke.

Where did the phrase rank and file come from?

rank and file (n.)

1590s, in reference to the horizontal and vertical lines of soldiers marching in formation, from rank (n.) in the military sense of “number of soldiers drawn up in a line abreast” (1570s) + file (n. 1).

What is another term for grassroots?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for grass-roots, like: laboring class, civil-society, the masses, ordinary people, proletariat, rank-and-file, working-class, working people, grassroot, grassroots and common people.

What is a word for pure and simple?

synonyms for pure and simple

bare. minor. pure. sheer. simple.

What is rank and file in government?

1. Summary. ▪ Rank-and-file employees are those who are not managerial employees nor supervisory employees.

Does the term rank and file come from chess?

The vertical lines on the chessboard are called files. The horizontal lines are called ranks. There are eight files and eight ranks on the chessboard.

What is a rank and file committee?

The Rank and File Mobilising Committee (RFMC) was an umbrella group which coordinated left wing groups to campaign for increased democracy within the Labour Party.

Why is rank and file important?

Rank-and-file employees, or rank-and-file staff, are the backbone of most companies. With no fancy titles on their business cards – if they even have business cards – nor the word “manager” in their job descriptions, they’re still valuable workers the company cannot do without.

Is rank and file singular or plural?

The noun rank and file is uncountable. The plural form of rank and file is also rank and file.

What are the types of employee?

Here are the types of employees with a brief explanation of each.
  • Regular Employees. A regular employee is similar to an indispensable cog in the corporate machine. …
  • Probationary Employees. …
  • Term Employees. …
  • Project Employees. …
  • Seasonal Employees. …
  • Casual Employees.

Is manager a rank and file?

The rank and file are the ordinary members of an organization or the ordinary workers in a company, as opposed to its leaders or managers.

Is rank and file a position?

Dictionary Definition

Rank And File are the employees in an organisation who are not in any leadership or managerial positions. Rank and file employees form the majority of the workforce in the organization as opposed to the leaders i.e. the department heads, general managers, presidents’ etc.