What is the opposite of recency?

The opposite of a recency effect is a primacy effect, when early information has a disproportionate influence on subsequent impressions compared to more recent information. Both recency and primacy effects have important consequences in many everyday impression formation judgments.

What is a synonym for recency?

synonyms: recentness. type of: newness. the quality of being new; the opposite of oldness. a time immediately before the present. synonyms: recentness.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What are the antonyms of antonyms?

What is the opposite word of recently?

What is the opposite of recently?

Is there a word recency?

the fact of being recent, of having occurred a relatively short time ago; closeness of a past event to a later past time or to the present:The general nervousness during that period was mostly due to the recency of the great stock market crash.

How do you use recency in a sentence?

Table I shows prevalence by age, sex, and recency of the symptom. Due to the recency of the cancer, the insurance company would not give cover. The recency of a prospective customer’s last mail-order purchase is a relatively good indicator of overall interest in mail-order offers.

What is the synonym of Regency?

Synonyms: regime , rule , authority , dominion, power , stand-in rule, deputy rule.

What is the synonym of lately?

adv.new, recently.

What is another word for not long ago?

Similar words for not long ago:

recently (adverb) currently (adverb) late (adverb)

What is Regency in social?

Regencyadjective. especially, the office, jurisdiction, or dominion of a regent or vicarious ruler, or of a body of regents; deputed or vicarious government.

What is Regency in history?

The real-life Regency period lasted less than a decade (from 1811 to 1820). It began when King George III was deemed too mad to rule the United Kingdom. His son, George IV, was appointed to act in his stead as Regent, or proxy ruler. And during this nine-year period, the aristocracy flourished.

What is the meaning of Regend?

1 the ruler or administrator of a country during the minority, absence, or incapacity of its monarch. 2 (formerly) a senior teacher or administrator in any of certain universities.

How do you use Regency in a sentence?

He was a minor under his step-mother’s regency until he came of age in 999.

Why is it called the Regency?

This period — from 1811 to 1820 — is so named because Prince George IV, ruling in place of his sick father, King George III, acted as “Regent,” with Prince George’s mother, Queen Charlotte, serving as queen consort of the United Kingdom.

What is Regency rule?

According to the Regency Acts in force, if the monarch is under the age of 18 years when he or she succeeds to the throne, a regency is automatically established, and, until the monarch attains the age of 18 years, the royal functions are discharged by the regent in the name and on behalf of the monarch.