What is the opposite of reintroduce?

verb. ( ˌriːɪntrəˈduːs) Introduce anew.

Antonyms. detach unplug phase out end disinherit.

What is a synonym for reintroduced?

synonyms for re-introduce

call up. cite. evoke. remind. summon.

What is a antonym for recur?

We have listed all the opposite words for recur alphabetically. halt. arrest. break. break-off.

Is it re-introduce or reintroduce?

Meaning of reintroduce in English. to put something into use, operation, or a place after it has not been used or in a place for some time: Wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone Park in 1995. Want to learn more?

How do you say reintroduce?

What is the synonym of bring back?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bring-back, like: return, reevoke, take back, bring-round, recommit, bring to and bring around.

Is Reinduce a word?

Verb. (transitive) To induce again or anew.

Why is reintroduction important?

The goal of species reintroduction is to establish a healthy, genetically diverse, self-sustaining population to an area where it has been extirpated, or to augment an existing population. Species that may be eligible for reintroduction are typically threatened or endangered in the wild.

What is the meaning of inhumanely?

/ˌɪn.hjuːˈmeɪn.li/ in a way that is cruel and causes suffering to people or animals: Prisoners are living in inhumanely overcrowded conditions at the jail. They treated us inhumanely and just threw food at us.

What’s the meaning of reinstitute?

Definition of reinstitute

transitive verb. : to institute (something) again … in 1976, the year the Supreme Court reinstituted capital punishment.—

What does it mean to revive someone?

to restore to consciousness or life
1 : to restore to consciousness or life. 2 : to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state : bring back. 3 : to renew in the mind or memory.

What is re establish mean?

Definition of reestablish

transitive verb. : to establish (something or someone) again Within one year he rallied his forces, invaded the delta, and reestablished his rule.—

What is another word for reacquaint?

What is another word for reacquaint?
reunitecatch up
get togethermeet up
reintroduceget to know again
meet againreconcile

What is the opposite of Revive?

What is the opposite of revive?

What is the noun of Revive?

revival. The act of reviving, or the state of being revived. Renewed attention to something, as to letters or literature. Renewed performance of, or interest in, something, such as drama or literature.

What is the root word for revive?

Revive comes from the Latin roots re-, meaning “again,” and vivere, meaning “to live.” So, the word revive means “live again.” While the possibility of bringing folks back from the dead isn’t something we’re qualified to comment on, we will note that revive can be used in a sense that’s very close to its literal …

What is the antonym of twirled?

What is the opposite of twirl?

What is the synonym of Rejuvenate?

Some common synonyms of rejuvenate are refresh, renew, renovate, and restore. While all these words mean “to make like new,” rejuvenate suggests the restoration of youthful vigor, powers, or appearance.

What twirled means?

verb (used with object) to cause to rotate rapidly; spin; revolve; whirl. to twiddle: to twirl my thumbs. to wind idly, as about something. SEE MORE.

What is the synonym of twirled?

(or spiralling), swirling, twining, twisting, winding.