What are antonyms for repairable?

Opposite of able to be repaired. incorrigible. irrecoverable. irredeemable. irremediable.

What is meant by reparable?

Definition of reparable

: capable of being repaired.

What are antonyms for fix?

  • unbind,
  • unfix,
  • unlash,
  • untie.

What’s another word for non repairable?

The words irreparable and unrepairable are synonyms that mean unable to be fixed.

What is the difference between repairable and reparable?

Reparable is a close relative of its more common synonym repairable (both basically mean “able to be repaired”). The word reparable, though, is usually reserved for damages or injuries that can be reversed or losses that can be replaced, while the word repairable is more for things or problems that can be fixed.

What is product repairability?

Repairability is a measure of the degree to and ease with which a product can be repaired and maintained, usually by end consumers. Repairable products are put in contrast to obsolescence or products designed with planned obsolescence.

What are synonyms for reputable?

Respected, having received honor. Famous, celebrated, or well-known. Respected, having respect or admiration.

Is repairability a word?

Repairability definition

The property of being repairable.

How often is biennial?

Biennial conventions, celebrations, competitions, and sports events come every two years. Biennials are plants that live two years, bearing flowers and fruit only in the second year.

Is it irreparable or unrepairable?

Irreparable damage or harm is so bad that it cannot be repaired or corrected. The move would cause irreparable harm to the organization.

How do you spell repairability?

Definition of ‘repairability’

What is the spelling of Irrepairable?

irreparable. adjective. /ɪˈrep. ər.ə.bəl/ us.

How do you design repairability?

Here are 5 ways in which designers can make a product more repairable.
  1. Design for Emotion. …
  2. Design for Disassembly. …
  3. Design for Modularity. …
  4. Design a Repair Guide. …
  5. Design a Repair Service. …
  6. Design for Durability.

What is the meaning of irreparable loss?

​(of a loss, injury, etc.) too bad or too serious to repair or put right. to cause irreparable damage/harm to your health. Her death is an irreparable loss.

What is the repairability index?

The Repairability Index is a score ranging from 0 to 10/10, calculated based on five criteria: Documentation: A score determined by the manufacturer’s commitment to make technical documents available free of charge, in number of years, to repairers and consumers.