What is the antonym of Rode?

Antonyms for rode. sank. (or sunk), settled.

What is the opposite of ridden?

Near Antonyms for ridden. dived. (also dove), lunged, plunged.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What do you mean by Ride?

1 : to travel or move by sitting or standing on or in I ride the bus. 2 : to sit on and control so as to be carried along I learned to ride a bicycle. 3 : to be supported or carried on Surfers rode the waves. 4 : to travel over a surface The car rides well.

What is the name for riding?

What is another word for riding?
mountedon horseback
in the saddleseated

What do you call a car ride?

A ride in another person’s vehicle. lift. ride. transportation. drive.

What is the synonym of vehicle?

Synonyms. conveyance (old-fashioned) He had never travelled in such a strange conveyance before. machine. motor vehicle.

What is a bike lover called?

biker. noun. a motorcyclist, especially one who belongs to a group.

What is the present tense of ride?

Ride is the present simple. Rode is the past simple. Ridden is the past participle.

What is the opposite of vehicle?

What is the opposite of vehicle?

Is a horse a vehicle?

Horses are not vehicles. So, while a horse is certainly a form of transportation, it is not a legally defined vehicle.

Is a Plane a vehicle?

From vocabulary.com: A vehicle is anything that transports a person or thing, usually a car. But a vehicle can be a truck, a plane, a bus, a blimp or even a shopping cart, anything that transports people or things. So yes.

What is the antonym of bus?

What is the opposite of bus?
hang onremain

What is the opposite of cat?

If asked what’s the opposite of cat they might for example answer flower, house, devil, grandma, or even “minus-cat”.