What’s the opposite of sensationalism?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for sensationalize. belittle, minimize, play down.

What is another term for sensationalism?

Words related to sensationalism

aggrandizement, boasting, excess, fabrication, hype, hyperbole, overemphasis, puffery, whopper, fish story, yellow journalism.

What do you mean by antonyms?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is the synonym of sensational?

adj.startling, exaggerated. adj.excellent, superb.

What is sensationalism example?

Sensationalism is the act of foregoing accuracy or dignity in order to capture headlines or public attention. An example of sensationalism is a magazine that follows celebrities around and often exaggerates or makes up stories about those celebrities to sell papers. noun.

What does media sensationalism mean?

Sensationalism is a tactic used in an attempt to gain an audience’s attention. Media outlets resort to the use of shocking words, exaggeration and sometimes blatant lies. Alison Dagnes, a professor of political science at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, described some of the ways sensationalism is used.

Is sensationalistic a word?

n. 1. a. The use of sensational matter or methods, especially in writing, journalism, or politics.

What is sensationalize in English?

to present information in a way that tries to make it as shocking or exciting as possible: They were accused of sensationalizing the story. She complained of sensationalized media accounts based on false information. See. sensationalism.

How do you use sensationalism?

of presenting information in a way that is shocking or exciting: The newspaper has been accused of sensationalism in its coverage of the murders.

Is Sensationalization a word?

Sensationalization definition

The act or process of sensationalizing.

Why is sensationalism used?

Sensationalism has been used throughout history to sell papers by creating stories that will get an audience’s attention. Sensationalism is used today to gain readership, ratings and to make money.

What is Sensationalised news?

Definition. Sensationalism is when news sources prioritize exciting or shocking stories at the expense of accuracy. They do this to boost public interest or excitement, and it’s becoming more common every year.

What does trivialize meaning?

Definition of trivialize

transitive verb. : to make trivial : reduce to triviality.

How do you spell Sensationalization?

What is a sensationalized headline?

Sensationalism, sometimes called “yellow journalism,” is designed to invoke an emotional reaction in readers. Headlines using this tactic often involve highly emotional words and exaggerated claims that play up fear or other strong reactions.

What is an example of trivialization?

A friend trips up and falls on his face. He gets up laughing. A person in a meeting is faced with a powerful counter-argument. They trivialize it by saying that it is nothing new.

Is trivially a word?

triv·i·al. adj. 1. Of little significance or value.