What is the synonym and antonym of sheer?

Some common synonyms of sheer are abrupt, precipitous, and steep. While all these words mean “having an incline approaching the perpendicular,” sheer suggests an unbroken perpendicular expanse. sheer cliffs that daunted the climbers.

What did sheer mean?

Definition of sheer

(Entry 1 of 6) 1a : unqualified, utter sheer folly sheer ignorance. b : being free from an adulterant : pure, unmixed. c : viewed or acting in dissociation from all else in terms of sheer numbers. 2 : marked by great and continuous steepness.

What is an example for sheer?

Sheer is defined as a very thin, or extremely steep. An example of sheer is the veil covering the face of a bride on her wedding day. An example of sheer is the front of a cliff that goes straight up and down. Considered or operating apart from anything else.

What is another word for shear?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shear, like: sever, crop, fleece, cut, lop, prune, remove, slash, cleave, snip and strip.

What is the difference between sheer and shear?

The only difference between the two is the letter “A.” “A” almost resembles an open pair of scissors, which is a good way to remember that “shear” almost always refers to cutting. If you’re not talking about cutting something (and you’re not a scientist), you probably mean to use the word “sheer” instead.

What is the synonym and antonym of trotted?

(or leapt), loped, shagged, skipped, sprang.

What is the antonym of trotted?

What is the opposite of trotted?

Which of these words is an antonym for ubiquitous?

What is the opposite of ubiquitous?

What is antonym of hump?

Near Antonyms for hump. break, ease (up), let up, slacken.

What is the antonyms of firmly?

What is the opposite of firmly?

What is the antonym of preening?

What is the opposite of preen?
upsetmess up
mix uptangle

What is antonyms of warmly?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for warmly. apathetically, indifferently, lukewarmly, perfunctorily.

What is the meaning of camel hump?

A camel’s hump is the large lump on its back. Camels rebuild fat stores in their hump. 3. countable noun [oft poss NOUN] A hump is a large lump on a person’s back, usually caused by illness or old age.