What’s another word for shocking?

1 staggering, astounding, startling, appalling.

What is another word for not shocked?

What is another word for not surprised?

Is shocking positive or negative?

It is generally a positive or neutral situation. On the other hand, we use “shocked” when we want to talk about a situation that we find extremely unexpected. These situations are usually negative but sometimes they can be neutral. The important thing to remember is that “shocked” is much stronger than “surprised”.

How do you describe shock?

Shock is a critical condition brought on by the sudden drop in blood flow through the body. Shock may result from trauma, heatstroke, blood loss, an allergic reaction, severe infection, poisoning, severe burns or other causes. When a person is in shock, his or her organs aren’t getting enough blood or oxygen.

Is dynamic the opposite of static?

In general, dynamic means energetic, capable of action and/or change, or forceful, while static means stationary or fixed. In computer terminology, dynamic usually means capable of action and/or change, while static means fixed.

What called static?

1 : exerting force by reason of weight alone without motion. 2 : of or relating to bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium. 3 : showing little change a static population.

What’s another word for eye opening?

Eye-opening synonyms

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for eye-opening, like: exhilerating, unnerving, insightful, instructive, enlightening and exhilirating.

What do you mean by startling?

momentary fright, surprise
Definition of startling

: causing momentary fright, surprise, or astonishment a startling discovery.

What is the synonym word of stunned?

startled, stupefied, surprised. (also surprized), thunderstruck.

What’s the meaning of blindsiding?

transitive verb. 1 : to hit unexpectedly from or as if from the blind side blindside the quarterback. 2 : to surprise unpleasantly.

What kind of word is startling?

STARTLING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is there such a word as startlingly?

Meaning of startlingly in English. in a way that is surprising and often slightly worrying: High school dropout rates are startlingly high. The information can be startlingly detailed.

Is startled an adverb?

STARTLED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Does startled mean scared?

Startle is defined as to scare or surprise someone or to be scared or surprised. An example of to startle is to sneak up behind a friend and yell “Boo!” A sudden, involuntary movement in response to something frightening or unexpected, such as a noise.

What is a startling statistic?

Startling Statement

Often, startling statements come in the form of statistics and strange facts. The goal of a good startling statistic is that it surprises the audience and gets them engaged in your topic.

What is the meaning of fishing out?

to pull something out of water or take something out of a bag or pocket: Police fished a body out of the river this morning. He fished out a coin from his pocket. Removing and extracting. ablate.

Why do I jump so easily?

This super sensitivity is often referred to as a “case of the nerves,” being “on edge,” or being “jumpy.” Having a hyper reactive nervous system is a common consequence of stress-response hyperstimulation. As stimulation increases, so does the nervous system’s sensitivity and reactivity.

Why is my baby so jumpy?

This is an involuntary startle response called the Moro reflex. Your baby does this reflexively in response to being startled. It’s something that newborn babies do and then stop doing within a couple of months.

What is a sudden scare called?

startle Add to list Share.

Why do I get scared for no reason?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

If you have generalized anxiety disorder, you may feel constantly worried even if there is no real reason to worry about anything. In most cases, this type of anxiety disorder starts when you are in your teens, and its symptoms get worse as you progress through adulthood.