Whats the opposite of slaughter?

Antonyms. victory deflate increase thicken expand uncut strengthen. debacle licking walloping defeat thrashing.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is the synonym of slaughter?

assassinate. verbmurder prominent or important person.

What are the 3 types of antonyms?

There are three types of English antonyms: contrary antonym, complementary antonym and converse antonym. According to the traditional linguistics, antonyms are totally opposite in meaning.

What are 10 examples of antonyms?

Types of Antonyms
  • off — on.
  • night — day.
  • entrance — exit.
  • exterior — interior.
  • true — false.
  • dead — alive.
  • push — pull.
  • pass — fail.

What’s a word for humane?


1 merciful, kind, kindly, kindhearted, tender, compassionate, gentle, sympathetic; benevolent, benignant, charitable.

Is inhumanly a word?

Meaning of inhumanely in English. in a way that is cruel and causes suffering to people or animals: Prisoners are living in inhumanely overcrowded conditions at the jail. They treated us inhumanely and just threw food at us.

What is meant by humanely?

: having sympathy and consideration for people or animals. Other Words from humane. humanely adverb. More from Merriam-Webster on humane.

What are 10 examples of synonyms?

II. Examples of Synonyms
  • Bad: awful, terrible, horrible.
  • Good: fine, excellent, great.
  • Hot: burning, fiery, boiling.
  • Cold: chilly, freezing, frosty.
  • Easy: Simple, effortless, straightforward.
  • Hard: difficult, challenging, tough.
  • Big: large, huge, giant.
  • Small: tiny, little, mini.

Is there a synonym for for?

Find another word for for. In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for for, like: in-order-to, in support of, since, in-favor-of, conducive to, for-the-sake-of, in order to get, in-place-of, notwithstanding, during and in-spite-of.

What are the 50 examples of synonym?

50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences PDF
RichWe all dream of becoming rich.Wealthy
NaughtyHe is a naughty boy.Mischievous
BusinessShe runs a big business.Trade
NeatThe movie last night was really neat.Tidy

How can I speak English antonyms?

Can speak to synonym?

What is another word for speak to?
talk totalk with
communicate withreach
make contact withget hold of

What is the antonym of wind?

What is the opposite of wind?

Are talk and speak synonyms?

  • verb) in the sense of speak. Synonyms. speak. chat. chatter. chew the fat (slang) communicate. converse. gossip. natter. utter.
  • verb) in the sense of negotiate. Synonyms. negotiate. confabulate. confer. parley.
  • verb) in the sense of inform.

How do you pronounce synonyms?

Why do people say speak to?

The phrasal verb speak to is widely used idiomatically to convey various senses, including show, demonstrate, express, relate to, address, or speak about.