What is the synonym of solemnized?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for solemnized. blessed. (also blest), consecrated, sanctified.

What are antonyms for representative?

antonyms for representative
  • imperfect.
  • atypical.
  • different.
  • uncharacteristic.
  • unrepresentative.

What is delegate antonym?

Opposite of to select or designate for a role or activity. deny. ignore. refuse. reject.

What is the antonym of patronage?

Opposite of a protection or patronage. opposition. powerlessness. weakness. incapacity.

What is the synonym of representative?

Synonyms for representative. emblematic. (also emblematical), representational, symbolic.

What do you call a person who represents another person?

A representative is a person who has been chosen to act or make decisions on behalf of another person or a group of people. …

What is an example of a representative?

An example of representative is a student sent from each grade to be part of Student Council. An example of representative is the person send to Congress to represent a specific group of U.S. residents. One who may speak for another in a particular capacity, especially in negotiation.

What do you mean by representative?

Definition of representative

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : serving to represent. 2a : standing or acting for another especially through delegated authority. b : of, based on, or constituting a government in which the many are represented by persons chosen from among them usually by election.

What is a sentence for representative?

Examples from Collins dictionaries

Employees from each department elect a representative. She had a stressful job as a sales representative. The new head of state should be chosen by an 87 member representative council. He was in no way representative of dog-trainers in general.

How many representatives are there?

There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. How long do members of Congress’ terms last? Members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every even year.

Is Representer a word?

Representer is a noun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality.

What is an official representative?

Official Representative means the Person appointed by the governing bodies of the legal person authorized according to the Legislation in force, to represent the Applicant or Licensee for all the purposes as defined in this Regulation.

What is a group of representatives called?

Congress. the group of people in the US who are elected to make laws. It consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

How do you conjugate a Representer?

Verb conjugation of “représenter” in French
  1. je représente. tu représentes.
  2. il représentait. nous avons représenté
  3. vous représenterez.
  4. ils représenteraient.

What means elected representative?

Elected representatives are elected by the people in a country, city, or other geographical unit to represent them in a legislature or government. They make laws, interact with constituents, and participate in debates and interviews to explain and promote their positions.

Is it representative for or of?

If you’re representative of some group, you’re typical, you’re a lot like most of the others. You might also be a representative for your group; you were elected to act on behalf of those you represent.

How do you conjugate travailler?

Travailler is a French regular er verb meaning to work.

Travailler Conjugation: Present Tense.

Who elects representatives?

A Representative is elected by only those eligible voters residing in the congressional district that the candidate will represent. Election winners are decided by the plurality rule. That is, the person who receives the highest number of votes wins. This may not necessarily be a majority of the votes.