What is the synonym of staggering?

In this page you can discover 68 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for staggering, like: mind-blowing, tremendous, astonishing, mind-boggling, overwhelming, surprise, huge, overpowering, unbelievable, astounding and stupefying.

What staggered meaning?

1 : to move or cause to move unsteadily from side to side as if about to fall : reel He staggered under the load’s weight. 2 : to cause or feel great surprise or shock The news staggered me.

What is offset antonym?

Antonyms. unbalance radial asymmetry inequality disequilibrium imbalance fall inconsequence.

What is the opposite of sequential?

Opposite of succeeding or following in order. inconsecutive. inconsequent. nonconsecutive. infrequent.

Which is the closest antonym for the word staggering?

  • disinclination,
  • hesitance,
  • hesitancy,
  • reluctance,
  • reticence,
  • unwillingness.

What is an example of staggered?

Staggered sentence example. staggered. She staggered on trembling legs. 709.

What is a staggered schedule?

U nder staggered hours schemes, workers or groups of workers start and finish. work at slightly different times. A staggered hours system may allow workers some discretion, within prescribed limits, in fixing the time when they start and finish work.

What is staggered payment?

What is Staggered Payment? Staggered payment is an option under a term plan wherein the nominee(s) receive a portion of the sum assured as a lump sum, and the remaining money comes in form of monthly or annual payments. The duration of the payments varies from policy to policy.

What is a staggered setup?

What you’re referring to is called a “staggered set-up,” and that means exactly what you said–the tires (and wheels) on the rear of the vehicle are wider (bigger) than the ones on the front. In contrast, a “square set-up” is what you’re used to seeing–identical wheels and tires all the way around.

What is staggered arrangement?

adjective. arranged in a series of alternating or continually overlapping intervals of time: Board members serve staggered four-year terms, with new directors replacing outgoing ones each year.

What does staggered delivery mean?

Definition: Staggered delivery period is the period, beginning few working days prior to expiry of any contract and ending with expiry, during which sellers/buyers having open position may submit an intention to give/take delivery. 2.2.

How do you speak staggered?

What is staggered arrival time?

a system of working in which the employees of an organization do not all arrive and leave at the same time, but have large periods of overlap.

What is staggered testing?

test of several items with the same test interval but not at the same time.

What is partial delivery?

Partial shipment is the delivery of an order in more than one shipment. It means, when a buyer orders goods, all the goods are not shipped at once, rather they are sent to the buyer in parts. To make a partial shipment, it must be agreed upon by the buyer in a letter of credit. Ready for the future of logistics?

What is delivery period margin?

Delivery Period Margin means a margin levied by the Exchange or Clearing Corporation on the long and short positions marked for delivery till the pay-in is completed by the member. Once delivery period margin is levied, all other applicable margins may be released.

What is staggered Sprint?

The idea of staggering a sprint comes from the idea that we are working with a sequential process where the first task, usually done by one group, has to be done before the tasks of another group.

What does status partial mean?

A partial shipment is when you deliver a single order in multiple shipments. Partial shipments are necessary when: One item or another in an order is on backorder. An item at a certain warehouse is delayed in delivery. Shipping items from multiple warehouses for faster delivery.

How do you complete a delivery in SAP?

Complete Delivery Indicator

You enter an X in the Complete Delivery field on the shipping screen of the customer master record. The indicator is copied into the order header. You can also enter the indicator X in the Delivery field on the business data screen of the order header.

What is partial fulfillment status?

A partial shipment is the fulfillment of a single order in more than one delivery. In other words, when a customer makes a purchase of multiple products, they are delivered in multiple shipments rather than all at once.

What does invoice sent mean?

An invoice is a bill sent to a customer after they have already received a product or service. If a customer purchases something without paying immediately, you will send an invoice. An invoice sent to a customer is known as a sales invoice. You might also receive invoices from your vendors.