What is the opposite of a tattletale?

noun. Someone who gossips indiscreetly.

Antonyms. uninformative. telltale.

What is a synonym for tattletale?

blabber, blabbermouth, busybody, canary, fink, gossip, informer, nark, quidnunc, rat, rumormonger, scandalmonger, snitch, squeaker, squealer, stoolie, tabby, talebearer, taleteller, tattler.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is a antonym for tale?

What is the opposite of tale?

How do you explain tattling?

Tattling is reporting a peer’s wrongdoing, when the situation is safe and the child can handle it herself. Telling is alerting adults that the situation is not safe and/or your child needs help managing the situation. Tattling to get a peer in trouble can be mean-spirited.

What’s another word for snitch?

For instance, one may be a rat, a fink, or a rat fink. Both rat and fink (in the sense of “informer”) appear to have joined our lexicon in the early 20th century, while rat fink comes into use several decades later.

What do you call someone who tells tales?

Definition of tale-teller

1 : one who tells tales or stories. 2 : talebearer.

How do you use tattletale in a sentence?

1. She scolded another student for being a tattletale.

Is it tattletale or Tattletail?

Somebody who reveals secrets—tattling, telling tales—is a tattle-tale, often spelled as one word: “tattletale.”

Is Tattletaling a word?

noun. 1. A person habitually engaged in idle talk about others: blab, gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, newsmonger, rumormonger, scandalmonger, tabby, talebearer, taleteller, tattle, tattler, telltale, whisperer.

How do you deal with a tattletale child?

It’s important not to shame your child (even if their sibling calls them a tattletale). Letting them know their concerns have been heard will build their trust in adults and prevent them from feeling they need to keep secrets. Thank them for alerting you, and reinforce that telling is a good thing to do.

Where did tattletale come from?

The term “tattletale,” which first appeared in print in 1889, is actually drawn from “tell-tale,” an older (around 1548) and less mysterious term defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) as “one who idly or maliciously discloses private or secret matters.” A “tale” in this sense is a story or narrative, of course …

Why do people tattletale?

Just as in kindergarten, an adult tattletale is likely to do what she does because she feels somehow left out of the team or group or that she has been treated unfairly. The effect is a breakdown of trust among members of the team.

Why do kids tattle tale so much?

Children may tattle to exert power, to boost self-esteem, or just to get attention. “Tattling allows a child to one-up another child, to gain favor in the eyes of her parent or teacher,” says Jerry Wyckoff, a child psychologist in Prairie Village, Kansas, and the author of Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking.