What is the synonym of terrestrial?

Words related to terrestrial

telluric, terrene, earthbound, earthy, global, mundane, physical, profane, prosaic, secular, sublunary, subsolar, temporal, uncelestial, unspiritual, worldly.

What are the antonyms of celestial?

antonyms for celestial
  • earthly.
  • hellish.
  • infernal.
  • mortal.

What is the antonym of planet?

The word planet refers to a celestial body that revolves around a sun. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

What is the opposite of planet?
the heavensinterplanetary space
interstellar space

What is the antonym of satellite?

What is the opposite of satellite?

What is called celestial?

1 : of, relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity celestial beings. 2 : of or relating to the sky or visible heavens the sun, moon, and stars are celestial bodies. 3a : ethereal, otherworldly celestial music. b : olympian, supreme the celestial impudence of the boy— Leonard Bacon.

What paradisiacal means?

: of, relating to, or resembling paradise.

What are synonyms for celestial?

  • elysian,
  • empyreal,
  • empyrean,
  • ethereal,
  • heavenly,
  • supernal.

What is another word for celestial being?

What is another word for celestial being?
divine beingguardian spirit
heavenly messengermessenger of God
God’s messengerguardian angel
heavenly beingholy being

What is another word for celestial body?

What is another word for celestial body?
celestial objectcelestial sphere
heavenly bodyorb

What is a synonym for the word celestial body?

heavenly body

nounnatural object in sky. celestial body. celestial sphere. orb.

What is a synonym for Astral?

What is another word for astral?

Who are the celestial beings in the Bible?

Seraphim are mentioned as celestial beings in the non-canonical Book of Enoch and the canonical Book of Revelation.

What is celestial space?

Celestial bodies or heavenly groups are objects in space such as the Sun, planets, Moon, and stars. They form a part of the massive universe we live in and are typically very far from us.

What is the word for after death?

posthumous. / (ˈpɒstjʊməs) / adjective. happening or continuing after one’s death.

What does it mean to be ethereal?

Definition of ethereal

1a : of or relating to the regions beyond the earth. b : celestial, heavenly. c : unworldly, spiritual. 2a : lacking material substance : immaterial, intangible.

What is a birthday in heaven called?

heavenly birthday (plural heavenly birthdays) A birthday of a person after his or her death.

What do we call birthday after death?

Posthumous comes from the Latin posthumus, which is itself an alteration of postumus (“born after the father’s death”).