What are the antonyms for close?

  • away,
  • deep,
  • distant,
  • far,
  • faraway,
  • far-off,
  • remote.

What is the synonym of closer?

Definitions of closer. adverb. (comparative of `near’ or `close’) within a shorter distance. “come closer, my dear!” synonyms: nearer, nigher.

What type of word is closer?


The comparative form of close; more close.

What do you mean by antonyms?

a word of opposite meaning
Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What does getting closer mean?

In most contexts you can use come closer or get closer, and come nearer or get nearer to talk about people or things approaching someone or something. The swarm of bees was coming closer and closer. As the day of the wedding got closer, she became more and more excited.

Is getting closer synonym?

“A press agent with a camera was trying to get closer, but uniformed officers pushed him back.”

What is another word for get closer?
draw neardraw nearer
get nearget nearer
belly upcome close
come closercreep up

What is the difference between close and closer?

Close can be both a verb and an adjective. For verb, you need to pair it with “to” which makes it a verb “I need to close the door” Close as an adjective means something is on a very short distance “The planes fly very close to where I live.” Closer is a comparative from close.

Does Close have two meanings?

1 : to cover the opening of I closed the box. 2 : to change the position of so as to prevent passage through an opening : shut Please close the door.

What is the synonym of together?

closely, collectively, in tandem, jointly, simultaneously, unitedly, calm, cool, stable, well-adjusted, well-balanced, well-organized, as one, at one fell swoop, coincidentally, combined, commonly, concertedly, concomitantly, concurrently.

What is the synonym of the word colossal?

Some common synonyms of colossal are enormous, gigantic, huge, immense, mammoth, and vast.

What’s the meaning of this word close?

To close is to shut something or to end something. You could close a door, close your mouth, or even close a deal. This versatile word usually means “the end” or “near.” When a store is closed, you can’t go in: the door is closed and locked.

How do you say close?

How do you use the word close?

[M] [T] I asked Tom to close the door. [M] [T] He came close to losing an eye. [M] [T] She stood close to her husband. [M] [T] My house is close to a bus stop.

What is the adverb of close?

adverb. closer; closest. Britannica Dictionary definition of CLOSE. : at or to a short distance or time away.

Is close a describing word?

As detailed above, ‘close’ can be an adjective, a verb or a noun. Adjective usage: Is your house close? Adjective usage: He is a close friend. Adjective usage: Of a corporation or other business entity, closely held.