What is the opposite of toxicity?

What is the opposite of toxic?

What is another word for toxicity?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for toxic, like: poisonous, noxious, harmful, poison, mephitic, virulent, cancer-inducing, organotin, venomous, toxicant and hazardous.

What is venom antonym?

Opposite of a poisonous or toxic substance. antidote. cure. remedy. antitoxin.

What is the best antonym for antidote?

  • stay.
  • falsify.
  • unhealthful.

What is the toxicity meaning?

Definition of toxicity

: the quality or state of being toxic: such as. a : the quality, state, or relative degree of being poisonous measuring the toxicity level of the soil The toxicity of some chemical agents degrades significantly over time, so it is unclear how lethal the stockpiles are.—

What does non toxic mean?

not poisonous
/ˌnɑːnˈtɑːk.sɪk/ not poisonous or not containing poisonous substances: non-toxic paint. Natural and artificial. artificial.

What is another word for antidote ‘?

What is another word for antidote?

Which is the closest antonym for the word lingering?

antonyms for lingering
  • ending.
  • ephemeral.
  • short-lived.
  • superficial.
  • temporary.
  • transient.
  • yielding.
  • indefinite.

What’s another word for toxic relationship?

Tumultuous is a good word to use if your toxic relationship is full of turmoil and chaos. It means that the drama becomes overwhelming or unbearable and causes you great distress. E.g. “It wasn’t always a tumultuous relationship.

What are some toxic phrases?

7 Toxic Phrases People In Relationships Say Without Realizing It
  • “It’s not a big deal” or “You’ll get over it.”
  • “You’re just like your father.”
  • “You always … ” or “You never … ”
  • “You’re doing it wrong. Why can’t you just do it my way?”
  • “I am done.”
  • “You’re too sensitive.”
  • Not saying anything.

What do you mean by noxious?

Definition of noxious

1a : physically harmful or destructive to living beings noxious waste noxious fumes. b : constituting a harmful influence on mind or behavior especially : morally corrupting noxious doctrines. 2 : disagreeable, obnoxious this noxious political scandal— H. L. Ickes.

How do toxic relationships start?

Fundamentally, toxic relationship behaviors are the result of a lack of empathy. Whether that be demanding your partner live up to your expectations, or refusing to see things from their perspective, toxic behavior often represents an inability to feel genuine understanding and compassion for the other person.

What are some toxic traits?

8 Traits of Toxic Influences
  • Manipulative. They use the knowledge they gain about you to try and get you to do what they want. …
  • They make you feel bad about yourself. …
  • Being judgmental. …
  • Negativity. …
  • Self-centered. …
  • Difficulty managing their anger. …
  • Controlling.